A Five-Year-Old Has 14 German Shepherds As Best Friends


Who says that German Shepherds are a dangerous breed?

The video of a little girl, Pernille, visiting the kennel, Finika, in Løten, Norway, and playing with their German Shepherds breaks all the stereotypes about these magnificent dogs! 

Not only were these canines friendly, but they eagerly embraced Pernille as one of their own!

little girl with dogs
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Pernille Gets To Frolic With 14 German Shepherds At Once

cute little girl with german shepherd in hug
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Five-year-old Pernille really seems to be into dogs! And, she couldn’t pick a better breed for her adorable playtime than German Shepherds! 

This little princess enjoys every second in the field with fourteen fully-grown German Shepherds, which only proves how affectionate and good with infants these dogs are! 

Sure, they’re popular for their high intelligence, trainability, and their heroic acts, but the truth is they’re also highly intuitive dogs that make excellent family pets! 

This video debunks one of the most common German Shepherd myths about this breed being dangerous, when in reality, they’re nothing but sweetness!

When Pernille visited the Kennel, Finika, in Løten, Norway, with her parents, they couldn’t even imagine how great of an adventure their visit would turn out to be! 

little girl with german shepherds
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The girl went out on the field for play when fourteen German Shepherds joined her! She started tossing grass in the air and the dogs saw that as a call for frolicking around!

It was just hilarious seeing them leap into the air, trying to catch the grass the girl was throwing! It seemed that the whole pack accepted Pernille as a fifteenth member without any hesitation, making her “the safest girl in the world!”

And, Pernille seemed to enjoy the company of her canine friends, too! The girl was just ecstatic about being surrounded with so many GSD canines that she screamed out of pure joy! 

Seems that this wasn’t the first playtime for these dogs, as they weren’t confused with her tiny, high-pitched voice and all the enthusiasm she was displaying! 

Quite the contrary – they were extremely friendly and highly socialized, which only shows what amazing work the people from Finika kennel are doing!

little girl playing with dogs
Source: youtube.com

These precious moments were caught on camera, showing the purest love between the dogs and the girl. Pernille kept running around for a while with her companions, and they just couldn’t get enough of it!

It was such a beautiful sight for the ones who were standing by the side and watching them play. We wish the Finika team only the best of luck in their future work, and for Pernille to remain the wonderful dog lover she is!