Elderly Man Has The Most Adorable Routine With His Neighbours Dogs


South Carolina has two most adorable puppy siblings ever. Being so irresistible, Charlie and Doug have to put in little to no effort to make their mom, Kimberly Hansberry Shelton, and her family smile.

These pups have so much joy to share that it doesn’t go only towards their family.

A Pleasant Surprise 

man and woman with two golden retrievers
Source: @kimberlyhanberryshelton

One day, Kimberly was looking out of her window into her backyard. All of a sudden, she saw her 94-year-old neighbor, Mr. Bill, slowly approaching their fence, carrying something in his hand.

He stopped and waited, looking into the yard. Kimberly was so curious as to what was happening that she took out her phone to record, and we are so glad she did!

She captured the most adorable scene ever. Namely, Mr. Bill was waiting for Charlie and Doug, wanting to give them treats

This has obviously been made into a routine since the pups excitedly ran to him as soon as they saw him. Charlie was the first one to approach and get the treat. He even tried to grab a couple more before Doug came, but Mr. Bill knew Doug deserved some treats, too.

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How adorable is that!

Two days prior, some bad weather came along so the dogs didn’t get the chance to say hi to Mr. Bill. But, as soon as the sun came out, they met again at the fence, sharing treats and being adorable

Kimberly simply couldn’t help but share her appreciation towards her neighbor for loving her dogs so much.

The video quickly went viral, even reaching Mr. Bill’s granddaughter, who commented, expressing how thankful she is to Kimberly for sharing this adorable little routine.

We are so lucky and blessed to have moved right behind him,” replied Kimberly. 

Final Word

Life sure is filled with adorable little moments that make it all worthwhile. 

If you would like to make somebody’s day like Mr. Bill did for Kimberly, try carrying around some dog treats in your pocket and hand them out to all the good furry boys and girls around the world; just make sure to get consent from their parents first.