Dad Becomes A Hero After “Saving “His Doggo’s Favorite Teddy Bear


I rarely get a chance to come across a dog that doesn’t have at least one toy they jealously keep away from others.

What might be just a toy to us usually means the world to our pets. That’s why one dad from Pennsylvania did all he could to save a precious Teddy bear which belongs to his daughter’s doggie.

Although this was a move that made everyone laugh, it’s actually a gesture that shows just how much parents can love their family, including the furry members of it.

Inseparable Furry Buddies

the dog is sitting on the bed next to his friend
Source: thedodo

Michaela Wallace, from Pennsylvania, is the owner of a wonderful doggo named “Lucky” that has a very special bond with his stuffed Teddy bear. 

They’ve been through a lot during the six years of their friendship, which is best seen on the poor bear that has no more stuffing inside; still, the love Lucky has for his buddy is amazingly strong, as Wallace mentioned in her interview for The Dodo:

“He plays with it at all times. He protects it like it’s his own baby.

But, not so long ago, there was an emergency in the house of Wallaces, which involved Lucky, bear, and a cozy blankie.

Saving Private Teddy Bear

The fact that the plush toy hasn’t had any stuffing inside for quite some time proves that Lucky rarely goes anywhere without carrying his precious Teddy bear in his teeth, especially when he doesn’t feel safe or comfortable.

The same happened when he needed to go potty during a winter storm. Lucky had to do his business, but he wouldn’t get out of the house in such weather without his plush buddy.

a toy thrown on the stairs
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Unfortunately, that turned out to be a bad idea, as the Teddy bear soon disappeared in the darkness of the night, as Lucky accidentally dropped him. Considering how snowy it was outside, it was impossible to find the bear.

Lucky’s heart was broken, and Michaella’s dad simply couldn’t watch the little guy suffering so much.

With a little bit of luck and warmer weather, which melted most of the snow, dad managed to find the plush toy in the yard. However, the bear looked like it had a very rough time outside and needed all the help it could get.

Knowing how much the toy means to their family dog, dad immediately got his emergency kit and began with the rescue operation.

The family found it quite amusing, especially since dad was usually a jokester, so I guess they didn’t expect anything less from him in this situation either.

Five Star Hospital Stay

After performing CPR on the patient, the doctor dad wrote to his daughter and told her that he managed to save Teddy bear’s life, but considering the tone of the messages he sent, it was a close call.

chat on messenger
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He got so “serious” about the Teddy bear’s state that he even turned one of the rooms into a hospital room, with an IV fluid drip, a warm blanket, and a cozy pillow. 

The bear needed some rest, so no one was allowed to enter for the first few hours after the rescue.

What was even funnier than this were Lucky and his furry sister, Laci, who were laying on the bed, looking at the bear like they were really visiting him in the hospital.

a toy thrown on the stairs
Source: thedodo

The Teddy bear was soon as good as new, which wasn’t a surprise considering that he was provided with excellent medical care.

Michaella’s dad is definitely the hero of the day, not only to his daughter, but their family doggos as well… especially Lucky.

Lucky and Laci love my dad and he is the same way towards them.” We believe you, Michaella. Who wouldn’t after such a funny and sweet story.