Heroic Dog Leads Rescuer To An Abandoned Baby And Miraculously Saves Her Life


Dogs are smarter than we think. Their empathy and rational thinking in the toughest situations always amaze us. This time was no different. When a man named Juntrell Fuentes Revilla jumped on his bike one morning, he never thought his day, or his life, would change forever. 

All thanks to a dog. 

Fuentes Revilla was enjoying his ride in the mountains of Cebu in the Philippines when he noticed a dog running after him and barking excessively. Many people would have increased their speed and tried to avoid the dog, but not this man.

Photo of a superhero dog Blacky
Source: Facebook

Something told him this wasn’t a typical stray dog. He wasn’t after Juntell to attack him. He actually appeared worried, and the man clearly saw he was asking for help. Listening to his intuition, Juntell stopped and went after the dog, wondering what’s going on. 

The dog led him to a dump site on the mountain. Right there, in the middle of all the garbage that people get rid of, was a squirming package. It was immediately clear to Juntrell what it was. It was a newborn baby. The dog led him to an abandoned newborn! 

Wrapped up in a brown towel was a little bundle of joy left alone. Juntrell couldn’t believe his eyes. His astonishment was double: he found a baby and a dog showed him where the baby was! 

Juntrell grabbed the baby and rushed to the Department of Social Welfare to seek help. 

policeman holding the saved baby
Source: Facebook

Luck was on their side. The baby seemed healthy and uninjured. Apparently, it hadn’t been outside for too long. The stray dog was just in time to save the poor little baby. A life was saved. 

When the words spread about this unusual heroic act, the Hope for Strays came looking for the stray dog. They found a dog matching the description near the dump, but he wasn’t alone. He was with a man referring to him as Blacky. Blacky was no stray dog. He had a family. 

photo of Blacky and his family
Source: Facebook

Although they were all healthy and happy, Blacky’s family was in need. So, in order to do something for the heroic dog who saved a child, the community took plenty of food, pet supplies, and many other necessities to Blacky’s family. 

What Blacky did for the baby helped to save more than one life. 

A good deed is never lost.