13 Puppies Saved From Arizona Desert At The Last Moment


We were cold… alone… hungry… crying for mommy.

We were sad.

We were petrified that someone would come and eat us.

We were so tiny… so helpless…

Why did the bad hooman do this to us?

Why did he leave us here, in the desert, where it’s boiling hot during the day and freezing cold at night?

Why… Oh, Why?

But, then… Something changed…

Just when we thought we couldn’t handle it anymore, our savior came and gave us hope.

Saved At The Last Moment

saved puppies at arizona desert
Source: The Dodo

What kind of person leaves a huge litter of tiny puppies in the middle of nowhere?

What kind of person would ever leave a human being out in the desert, where conditions are beyond terrible?

Those were the questions Hanna Wilson was asking herself while driving to Rock Point, Arizona. She got a phone call saying there were eight small puppies left out in the middle of the dirt road. 

Something had to be done, fast!

When Hanna saw the puppies next to a busy road, almost being hit by passing cars, she knew she couldn’t help them on her own. That’s why she posted an urgent note on Facebook, asking people to help her.

Shelby Davis, director of Soul Dog Rescue, immediately came to help. 

“I stopped everything to go find them.”, said Davis.

An hour-long drive was ahead of Davis, who was rushing to Rock Point to save the little ones. 

She was in the middle of the drive when she got a message from Hanna:

“There were 13 puppies, not eight,” Davis said. “There were more hiding.”

This was turning into quite a rescue mission they’d never forget.

With a little help from her son, Hanna managed to catch as many pups as she could.

“Her son ran after all of them, and she got them all in a crate,” Davis said. “Then, they waited for us patiently.”

photo of puppies in a crate
Source: The Dodo

Hanna was so grateful Shelby arrived so fast to pick up the puppies. She had no idea what she would have done with all thirteen of them without Shelby’s help. 

And, Shelby was glad, too! It was such a nice feeling to see another member of the community stepping in and saving lost souls. 

As soon as the puppies arrived at Shelby’s shelter, they were examined by the vet. Despite being found in a desert, the little ones were doing fine. Still, God only knows how long they were stranded out there.

puppies in a crate at the shelter
Source: The Dodo

“I’ve never seen puppies drink as much as they did,” Davis said. “It seemed like they’d been out for a while.”

The poor babies were rescued at the last moment. Some of them probably wouldn’t have made it through another night in the desert if it wasn’t for Hanna and Shelby. 

And, to make this rescue story even sweeter, all pups went to their forever homes the same day they were rescued! 

“They’re ridiculously cute and brave,” Shelby said. “I know they’ll all grow up to be amazing dogs.”

Well, thanks to Shelby and Hanna, they will actually have a chance to grow up.