This Giant Pitbull Was Overlooked In A Shelter Due To His Size


Things didn’t go smoothly for Ace, the 2-year-old Pittie who weighed an astonishing 103 pounds when he was surrendered to a shelter. Even though he has always been a gentle giant – everyone just saw a “giant problem” in him.

Due to these unjustifiable misconceptions, Ace was too much for his family, who decided not to take care of him anymore. 

But, the problem didn’t end there! In fact, the ongoing “curse” continued, which is why the good people of Ventura County Animal Services, in Camarillo, California, were concerned that Ace would have a hard time finding a family at all!

Surrendered By His Family

photo of giant pitbull on the grass
Source: The Dodo

Sure, he was a big boi, but the VCAS team couldn’t quite understand why he was surrendered by his family in the first place. The truth is – he has been nothing but a gentle giant right from the moment they took him in. 

giant pitbull running
Source: The Dodo

His gigantic size never matched his personality. Quite the contrary – he was only a giant in his heart, showering everyone with amazing calmness and good-natured behavior.

His caregivers loved having Ace with them, but as time went by, nobody seemed to even consider adopting this big boi! At one point, the VCAS team was even concerned that he’d continue to be constantly overlooked due to his size and not seen for who he truly is – the pawfect Pittie!

He’s Just The Sweetest Boi

photo of giant pitbull lying in a car with a smaller dog
Source: Ventura County Animal Services

Other than his daily walks, Ace’s favorite things are hanging out with his shelter buddies and being petted by his caregivers.

“His favorite activities are going on walks, being pet, and playing with other dogs. He’s crate trained, house trained, and is good left alone for the length of a work day if need be,” the VCAS team wrote.

He’s not much of a quirk! He rather prefers calm activities, even when he’s playing around with other dogs. He’s just always a calm boi!

“He’s quiet, with a calm energy, even when he’s being playful. His quirk? Thinking he’s a lap dog,” the staff said.

Waiting For Someone To Love Him For Who He Is

pitbull sitting by his new owner
Source: Ventura County Animal Services

Just when it seemed that Ace was stuck in his temporary home in Camarillo, California, – a miracle happened! Ace’s story got told by The Dodo, and soon enough, it went viral all around the world!

“We received inquiries about adopting Ace from 31 U.S. states and even as far as Papua New Guinea, and are still receiving calls about him today! We’re over the moon that Ace has found his forever family here he is with his new dad,” VCAS said.

In just a few short weeks after that, everyone was making inquiries about this Pittie until the pawfect hooman appeared on the doorstep!

Enjoying His Furever Home

giant pitbull sitting by the couch
Source: Van Larimore

Ace went home with his new dad, and soon enough, he adapted amazingly! Even though it took him some time to get there, this giant boi has finally found what he has been looking for this entire time – a loving home and a calm, nurturing environment!

After all this time, he has finally found his safe haven where he no longer has to worry about being abandoned – ever again!