Blind Pup Gets A New Friend Who’s Just Like Him


Even though animal shelters do everything they can to ensure that every dog they have gets adopted, sometimes that gets to be a very difficult thing to achieve. This is especially true for dogs with any form of disability. 

Luckily, the world is filled with incredible people who are willing to help no matter what! 

In today’s story, an incredible woman decided to adopt a blind pup, training him to overcome any obstacle he comes across. And, when she did it, she decided to do it again!

A Very Special Pup

a blind puppy resting its head on a woman
Source: Youtube

A devoted pup lover named Alyson agreed to foster a blind American Bulldog just for a couple of weeks until he found his forever home.

He was really small and extremely malnourished, weighing only 3.5 lbs. Because of this, the puppy really did need a lot of love and affection so he could get big, strong, and healthy.

The pup and Alyson clicked as soon as they met, and just a couple of hours later, she completely fell in love and decided to adopt him.

Naming him Levi, she knew that she had a bit of a difficult task at hand, taking into consideration that he is blind. She quickly took to getting as much research done as she could on ways to train blind pups.

Unfortunately, she did not find much. But, having so much love for Levi, she was determined to make his life as easy as it can be, so she started making up her own training methods.

Love And Dedication

a woman is standing next to a blind stenet on the laminate
Source: Youtube

Thanks to Alyson’s training and love, he got big and strong in no time, learning the layout of the house and no longer banging his head on every object that got in his way.

She also taught him to listen to the sounds around him. Every time Alyson snapped her fingers, she was letting Levi know where she was.  

Just like any super pup, Levi also had his weak spot: he simply couldn’t defeat stairs. But, not to worry – his brave mom was always by his side. She would pick him up and carry him to bed every single night.

a woman carries a dog in her arms
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A New Friend 

two dogs stand with their heads raised
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Levi also didn’t really get along with other dogs, and because Alyson loved him so much, she decided she was no longer going to adopt or foster.

Until, one day, a rescue shelter reached out to her, saying they had another blind American Bulldog puppy in their care. Since she managed to train Levi, they believed that she would be the perfect mom for little Jax, too.

At first, she hesitated, but having such a big heart, she simply had to at least try and adopt the little pup. 

a cute blind puppy in the hands of a woman
Source: Youtube

Two days later, she picked up Jax. She was a bit nervous as to how Levi would react to his new friend, but she kept her fingers crossed.

Luckily, the two Bulls got along really well and Jax became the only dog Levi tolerated.

He even did for Jax what Alyson did for him; he became his teacher. He showed him every trick he knew, walking him around the house and making sure he was safe.

He even showed him that they don’t do stairs. Now, Alyson has two pups to carry up to bed.

a woman carries two dogs in her arms
Source: Youtube

Final Word 

I am incredibly proud of Alyson for being so brave and putting in the effort in training these two amazing dogs. Thank you for not being prejudiced towards them!

We have to remember that dogs who have some form of disability are still loving and full of life. They are incredibly resilient and will play with us as if nothing is wrong. And, they are right – nothing is wrong!

Levi and Jax are living proof that there are no obstacles when it comes to dogs, their play time, and being the most adorable things ever.