Dog Helps Her Dad Save A Foxhound Abandoned In Mud During The Storm


Dogs. These loving four-legged creatures are capable of giving so much love and compassion. They deserve all the love in this world.

It breaks my heart to see that innocent animals are betrayed and abused by their heartless owners.

Lucky Lucy, an American Foxhound, was a victim of animal cruelty, too. Abandoned during a storm, she was unable to move due to the terrible condition she was in. Her luck began to change when she met a good and gentle human.

Let’s see how her life was transformed.

Abandoned During The Storm

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On an early September morning in 2021, William Green took his PitBull Boxer mix, Cokie, for a regular walk in a dog park in Columbia, South Carolina.

Although it rained all night, William didn’t want to skip their early morning walk because he knew how much Cokie loved it. When they arrived at the park, he let Cokie off the leash to roam freely.

As soon as she was off the leash, Cokie ran off to the corner of the park. It seemed as if she noticed something.

She kept her gaze fixed on William as if she was trying to tell him something. Seeing that Cokie didn’t want to leave her place, he went over to her to check what was going on.

When he approached Cokie, he saw an emaciated Foxhound. She was sleeping. Seeing her fur covered in mud, he realized that she must’ve been abandoned during the storm last night. His heart was shattered. 

She was so skinny and weak that she couldn’t even stand on her feet. William brought her food and water from his truck. After she ate, she felt strong enough to stand up, and she didn’t want to leave William’s side.

You’re Safe Now

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He stroked her thin body as he reassured her that he wasn’t going to leave her there.

“It’s okay. I’m not leaving. I’m not going anywhere. I promise. You got a good human today. Whoever hurt you was a bad human, aren’t they?”

She felt at ease.

Despite everything she had been through, she wagged her tail and looked at William with her pleading brown eyes.

William was shocked to see the condition she was in.

“It was horrible that anyone could do this to a dog. She had cuts all over her body and was so emaciated that she was on death’s door.”

He assumed that her owner was a breeder who abandoned her after she could no longer fulfill her purpose.

William took the pooch to the vet, and she was diagnosed with heartworms, whipworms, and a tick disease. The vet said that she was probably 4 to 5 years old. 

She weighed in at only 29 pounds. The normal weight of a female American Foxhound is 60 to 65 pounds.

William took care of her, and after a few days, he took her to Huntsville, Alabama to meet his in-laws and they received her with outstretched arms.

“My wife’s parents fell in love with her instantly, and my younger brother-in-law did as well. They took her in, and she now weighs over 60 pounds and lives the happiest life of any dog you’ll ever meet.”

She was named Lucky Lucy

Lucy’s Recovery

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Her recovery took months. Her doting family was there for her every step of the way. They made sure she had enough rest and that she took her medications on time.

In the first couple of weeks, Lucy was timid. She didn’t howl or bark, which was very unusual considering that American Foxhounds are well-known for their melodious howling.

As she became more comfortable in her new surroundings, she started doing tiny awoos.

Thanks to William and his family, who adopted her, Lucy turned her life around. She was soaking in all the love of her forever family, and she had the unconditional support of Cokie.

From the day they met, an immediate bond was formed between the two of them. Cokie is always watching over Lucy. These sisters adore each other and they are inseparable best friends.

We are over the moon to see that Lucky Lucy is living her best life surrounded by her doting family and her big sister, Cokie.

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