Couple Rescues Stray Dog And Bring Her Along On Their Journey


Imagine a vacation full of adventures with our furry friends. It would be excellent for creating beautiful memories with our pets that we will cherish throughout our lives. 

Together, we explore new places, share joyous moments, and strengthen the unbreakable bond with our beloved pets. These experiences fill our hearts with love and happiness. 

However, sometimes unexpected things happen during vacations.

Rescue Mission On Vacation

dog with a blue shirt standing in the nature
Source: Rafiki’s Rescue

After years without a vacation, Megan Mannarelli-Martin and her husband were finally able to take some time off. They are the founders of Rafiki’s Rescue – a special-needs animal rescue, and it’s not easy for them to step away from their important work.

Determined to make it work, they even brought three of their rescued cats along for the trip.

However, it seemed that their rescue mission was never far behind, as just four hours into their vacation, they came across an abandoned dog running in the middle of a bustling road.

Kevin’s Joyful Adventure 

dog on a purple leash sticking his tongue out
Source: Rafiki’s Rescue

“Kevin was terrified when we saw her, but was very interested in being rescued,” Mannarelli-Martin said. “It took an hour to gain her trust. I could not chase after her if it would cause her to become more frightened and run back into the middle of the road.

So, I sat in the center road divider and let her come and go up to me for an hour before she finally got close enough that I was confident enough to snatch her up.”

Kevin went from being in danger of dying in the middle of the road to touring Sequoia National Park with some strangers and their rescued cats, but she didn’t seem to mind one bit. She was simply overjoyed to be included.

The couple were amazed by how wonderful she was in spite of everything she had gone through. It appeared like they were meant to locate her.

Mannarelli-Martin remarked, “Kevin is a super lovebug.” She is ecstatic and only wants to be cherished and held.

“She settled in remarkably fast given the circumstances,” Mannarelli-Martin said. “She was very, very scared that first night but also clearly grateful to be safe. By the third night, she was jumping with excitement when she saw us.”

Happy Days At The Foster Home

photo of the dog sitting by a christmas tree
Source: Rafiki’s Rescue

They decided to be Kevin’s foster parents. Since the road trip came to an end, Kevin has been comfortably residing at her foster home. She’s doing fantastic and enjoys playing around the dogs and the cats in her foster family. 

If her current foster decides not to adopt her, she will be ready to find her forever home.

“She will be up for adoption in the next couple of weeks after her last vaccines — that is, if I can give her up,” Mannarelli-Martin said. “We are quite attached.”

In Search Of A New Home

dog named Kevin in a purple costume
Source: Rafiki’s Rescue

Despite not having had a vacation in years, their selflessness led them to extend their journey to rescue and embrace a new furry friend. 

As Kevin’s adventure continues, she eagerly awaits her forever home, carrying with her the cherished memories of the couple’s unforgettable vacation – a story that touched the hearts of all involved.

On the surface, dogs might seem to have endless amounts of energy and suppressed hyperactivity, but even they sometimes deserve a little bit of rest and peace, and they deserve to have those good old memories.