Dog Likes To Sleep With His Human Brother And This Saves His Life


As someone who used to own a dog, I have to say that the funnest activity for me personally was when we would just sit and rest next to each other.

Sure, the playtime was always fun, but there is perhaps no better feeling than hugging your dog and just completely relaxing after a long day of hard work. Such simple things can just about make anyone’s day.

In this story, we will talk about a similar situation where a loving dog helped save his friend’s life during one of their naps.

A Loyal Companion

a boy hugs his dog as they sit on a log
Source: Brittany Troilo

Meet Daisy – a 2-year-old Rottweiler who was adopted by a woman named Brittany Troilo. According to her, the dog was adopted when she was just a small puppy, and she quickly adjusted to her new home.

She especially loved her new human brother and they would spend days together just playing in the backyard. Their favorite games were tug-of-war and fetch.

After the playtime was over and they were exhausted, they went to the house and cleaned up. When it was finally bedtime, Daisy was first to run to the room and wait for her brother.

the dog enjoys sleeping with the boy in the bed
Source: Brittany Troilo

Troilo said to The Dodo: She’ll sit by the stairs and wait. As soon as we start going upstairs, she’ll jump on the bed, wait for her brother to brush his teeth, and then she knows it’s cuddle time.

Then, when he finally joined her, they snuggled up in bed and fell asleep. Troilo said: She holds him every night when she sleeps.

A Very Attentive Dog

a boy and a dog sleep together in bed
Source: Brittany Troilo

One night, as they were sleeping, something happened. Daisy had woken up Troilo at 2 a.m. and saw that she was distressed. 

The woman immediately suspected what was going on and went to her son’s room. 

She said: My son has type 1 diabetes and Daisy could tell that he was having an emergency even though she’s not trained to do that. Now, if his sugar is high or low in the middle of the night, she comes and wakes me up so I can tend to him.

Daisy seems incredibly aware of her brother’s medical condition and is always there to alert his mother about him.

She also knows about his glucose tracker device, called Dexcom, and she tries not to touch it so as not to break anything.

Troilo said: She’s very aware of what it is. If it’s on his belly, she won’t sleep on his belly. She’s very smart. She’s a special girl.

the dog looks after the boy while he sleeps
Source: Brittany Troilo

In January of 2023, the family adopted another Rottweiler puppy into their home, called Lilly. The two dogs are getting along very well and love to play, but this hardly affects her usual 8:30 activities.

Troilo said: She knows even with the puppy that at 8:30, it’s time to start getting ready for bed.

Even to this day, the two are inseparable, and they spend a lot of time with their new sister and enjoy a good time.