German Shepherd Momma, Reba, Gives Birth To A Green Puppy


German Shepherds are normally black and tan. That’s the standard coat option for these lovely dogs.

However, this dog breed can also come in black and red, liver, solid black, gray, etc.

But, also in green!

Wait, whaaat?

Green? Is that really true?

Well, normally, it isn’t. But, this German Shepherd mommy gave birth to a litter of puppies, and one of them was green.

Check out the unusual surprise mommy Reba had for her rescuers.

OMG, Is That Puppy Really Green?

gsd mom and her puppies lying together
Source: The Dodo

Street life is rough. No dog would ever want that kind of freedom when they have no idea where their next meal would be, or what kind of trouble would come to them. 

Being rescued off the streets and given a warm home is something every stray wants, not to mention a mommy-to-be.

When Reba was rescued, she couldn’t believe luck finally smiled upon her. 

german shepherd dog named Reba
Source: The Dodo

“She was picked up running as a stray in Georgia,” Kristy Anderson, a foster with Heidi’s Legacy, said. “This was around the same time we took in some shepherds from the large breeder bust there, so she could have been an escapee. We aren’t certain.”

But, they were certain about something: Reba was pregnant… due any day! 

Just as Kristy, from Heidi’s Legacy, Tampa, assumed, Reba gave birth only two days after being rescued. She was one happy, fresh mommy!

The lovely GSD girl gave birth to six puppies, all of them healthy and ready to face the big world. 

But, one of them was not like the others. One of the puppies was special!

little green puppy lying beside his GSD mom
Source: The Dodo

One of Reba’s puppies was green!

The little one had green markings on his back, as if someone painted him to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. They named her appropriately: Clover.

But, fear not… Clover was not weird or anything. No one painted her fur and she didn’t have an anomaly.

It turns out that the green color is an unusual phenomenon. It happens when green bile mixes with the amniotic fluid inside the womb. See, there’s really nothing insane behind the green coloring.

Clover’s green hue didn’t last long. The colored pup returned back to normal in just a couple of days, and she was just like all her other siblings. 

a lot of puppies sleeping
Source: The Dodo

Reba, the mommy, sure gave a nice surprise to her rescuers. No one really expected a green puppy. 

The lovely little GSD family is definitely a case they’ll never forget at Heidi’s Legacy, from Tampa, Florida.

It’s not like you get to see a green pup every day, is it?