Rescued Dogs Get Excited When They Realize That It Is Laundry Day


Dogs are really excitable. It doesn’t take much to entertain a happy puppy. Anyone who has ever owned a dog can attest to this statement.

Sometimes, all it takes is for you to grab a toy they like, and they immediately jump on their feet and think: funtime!

For the shelter puppies we will talk about, the situation is not much different. 

However, where they differ from other dogs is in the things that make them excited, and that is what we will talk about in this article.

Laundry Day Is The Best

The dogs at the Humane Educational Society (HES) sure love their playtime and mealtime, but one of the things that excites them the most is laundry day.

I know… strange, right? Let me elaborate. When one of the buzzers rings, the dogs immediately know something special is coming their way, so they all get very excited. 

The staff at the shelter brings them comfortable and clean blankets to sleep on. 

HES wrote on Facebook: When the blankets get done drying, the pups love to snuggle up as soon as we put them in their kennels! The pooches love their blankies.

Many dogs show different levels of excitement, but it’s pretty clear that they all enjoy sleeping on comfortable blankets. The following video confirms it.

Zona Tornado Spin

dog named arizona lying down
Source: Humane Educational Society

Out of all the pups who celebrate and enjoy laundry day, Arizona is the one dog who loves it the most. 

This is likely due to the fact that she has been in the shelter for two and a half years and this tradition reminds her of the love she received from the people who took care of her.

Carley Wilkerson, HES’s social media coordinator, told The Dodo: Arizona gets so thrilled when it’s time to bring out the blankets. She’s been known to do little ‘Zona Tornado Spins’ in her kennel when we lay her blanket down. 

She’s been here for such a long time, so any amount of comfort that we can provide her is monumental in her eyes. She is the absolute best girl.

Hershey And Tillie Love Blankets

Hershey, on the other hand, has a different reaction. While his excitement is clearly visible, he loves to immediately get to business and simply lie down on his new blanket.

Wilkerson continues by saying: He can be a rowdy, excitable guy, but when you show him his blankie and lay it down on his bed, he immediately settles in and curls up right away.

The shelter staff really love their dogs, and their favorite moments are always when they get to go with their new family to their home and bring their blanket along.

photo of dog Tillie sleeping
Source: Humane Educational Society

Tillie is the best example. He was inseparable from his blanket and just enjoyed napping on it a lot, but when time came, it brought him a lot of luck in finding a new home.

Wilkerson said: Tillie, who was recently adopted last month, went home with a very special blanket. She was given a prayer blanket from a local group of ladies that hand-make blankets for shelter animals.

Tillie was a nervous, submissive little lady, so the group made her a blanket infused with prayers for her comfort and that she’d soon find a forever home. Just a week later, she was adopted, and her prayer blanket went home with her.

The blankets, along with anything else that is brought to the shelter, are a donation, and the organization relies a lot on the generosity of their local community to help keep the animals comfortable.

HES shows us just how little it takes to make a difference in a dog’s life. Sometimes, something as simple as giving a blanket to a sheltered dog can be enough, so never hesitate to help out if you can.