Golden Retriever Is The Best Dad To Adorable Baby Bunnies


Animals never cease to amaze us, especially when it comes to the way they show love to one another.

Not many of us could wake up one morning and just become a dad. That seems like a crazy amount of responsibility at once – now imagine being a dad to four little babies! 

While this might be a lot for some, it’s not for this chill Golden Retriever.

Heartwarming Surprise

golden retriever cares for cute bunnies
Source: Youtube

Four cute bunnies were recently presented as a surprise to Bailey, a gentle and lovely Golden Retriever.

Bailey appears to be more than fine with this new situation, and the bunnies appear to be sure that he is their new father.

Baby Bunnies Meet A Cuddly Golden Retriever

a golden retriever sniffs a rabbit
Source: Youtube

Even though baby bunnies are already ridiculously adorable, adding a cuddly Golden to the mix is nearly too much to take.

There is just too much cuteness going on for our hearts to handle.

Bailey Bonds With His Baby Bunnies

cute bunnies walk around a golden retriever
Source: Youtube

Bailey lovingly licked his new little “puppies,” and the bunnies cuddled up to their new dad and each other. 

They enjoyed jumping around on the bed and sniffing their way through their new house.

Dog Was Not Bothered By Them

a golden retriever sleeps next to a bunny
Source: Youtube

The rabbits played on, beneath, and around Bailey, and he appeared to be extremely happy.

He occasionally licked them or gave them a curious sniff, but he also appeared willing to sit back and let them have fun.

Sky Joins The Group

golden retriever sleeps while bunny and parrot look at each other
Source: Youtube

When we thought it couldn’t get much sweeter, Sky, a little Beagle, joined the group. 

It was very cute to watch Sky and the bunnies examining each other; they seemed to be really captivated with one another.

Bailey adores the cute little group, and we have no doubt that he will give them all the cuddles they need.

The Sweet Smile Of A Dog

a golden retriever with his tongue out takes care of the bunnies
Source: Youtube

At least he’s being careful around them, and tries his best not to squish them.

Sometimes, at a glimpse, he seems a little bit happy around them.

Happy Family

a smiling golden retriever lies on the bed next to a bunny
Source: Youtube

This heartwarming tale of kindness and caring captures the essence of a joyful family, teaching us that love has no bounds and that the most sincere connections may be made in the most unlikely of settings.

Their differences aside, they seem to really get along with each other.