Compassionate Hiker Saves An Abandoned Puppy From The Woods


Thousands of dogs are being abandoned every day by their families. Unfortunately, not so many of them make it to a nice, loving home where they can live carefree. Most of these puppies end up being killed by predators and wild animals, or they die of hunger.

The story posted by Phea Rescue Puppy, from Thailand, shows a puppy abandoned in the woods wailing for his lost mom. Fortunately, due to the compassion of a random hiker who was passing by and saw him – his story had a lucky ending!

photo of an abandoned puppy
Source: Phea Rescue Puppy

A hiker heard loud whimpering, but he couldn’t detect where it was coming from until he saw a small, tan puppy roaming around. The puppy was clearly lost and scared, as he was wailing for his mom who wasn’t around.

He was scared at first when the hiker approached him, so he ran away a little further. Still, the man didn’t give up as he knew that leaving the puppy alone in the woods wouldn’t do any good for him. 

Little by little, the gentle approach and the kind voice of the stranger started to feel appealing to this triangular-eared, beautiful puppy and he let the stranger pet him. As soon as he felt a kind touch on his trembling back, the puppy knew that this wasn’t a predator, but a friend.

He let the hiker pick him up and take him far away from the severity of the woods he was abandoned in…

abandoned puppy being fed by a hiker
Source: Phea Rescue Puppy

The next scene displays the puppy being taken to a shelter and provided with food and his first bath. You could just tell by the way he was eating his first bowl of warm, wet food that he was severely malnourished. He ate the whole portion in just a few short minutes. 

hiker bathes the abandoned puppy
Source: Phea Rescue Puppy

After he ate and regained a little bit of his lost strength, the rescuer decided to give him a warm, relaxing bath to clean the dirt off him. 

The puppy was kind of insecure and nervous as the first drops of water fell on his body, but after a few seconds, he was all in! He just let go and decided to enjoy the process of becoming a nice, clean boy again.

scared puppy getting used to new parent
Source: Phea Rescue Puppy

The puppy is currently waiting for his forever family in a shelter. He’s getting through the process of socialization and learning basic puppy manners. I sincerely hope that he will find a family who won’t abandon him and who will provide him with a safe, positive environment.

Unfortunately, the story of Phea Rescue Puppy from Thailand isn’t exclusive. There are still a plethora of abandoned puppies that are left at the mercy of predators. 

If there’s one appeal that I can leave you with, it would be that if you see an abandoned puppy on the street, in the woods, or basically anywhere the road takes you – you take it to the local shelter. 

What we all know with certainty is that one good deed eventually ripples out and then makes another, and another after that…