Husky Raised By Cats Can’t Help But To Act Like One 


The common misconception that cats and dogs are sworn enemies keeps getting debunked as we continue to come across heartwarming examples of their incredible chemistry.  

Dong­_Of­­_Justice, a Redditor user, provided us with documented proof that cats and dogs can get along so well that they can even be raised together.

His Husky, Tally, went through exactly that. She was raised with cats so much so that she even started believing that she was a cat herself.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!  

She Came To Her Forever Family When She Was Only 2-years-old

adorable husky puppy
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And, She Was One Cute Pupper, Raised Alongside Cats 

husky puppy sleeping on the floor
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She Picked Up A Lot From Them 

husky sleeping
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Like How To Initiate Loaf Mode

husky on the kitchen floor
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And, That Boxes Are The Bests Toys 

husky peeking from the box
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She Is As Elegant As One Can Be While Sneaking Her Way Up The Stairs 

husky on stairs
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And, Loves To Wait For Her Hooman To Come Back Home

husky sitting by the window
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Of Course, She Has Her Designated Spot On The Couch 

husky on the couch
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But, Still Prefers To Sleep On The Floor 

husky on the floor
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She Asks For Treats Whenever She Sniffs Something Good 

husky looking at man eating
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And, Loves To Show Off Her Amazing Style

cute husky with hat
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But, The Thing She Loves Is Spending Time With Her Favorite Hoomans

husky with people
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