Wandering Dog Found 45 Miles Away From His Adoptive Home Is Finally Safe


One of the most commonly associated fears with having a dog is – what if he gets lost and can’t find his way home?

Sadly, things like this do happen quite often. Dogs can accidentally wander off and not come back. It’s a horrifying thing if it happens, and it doesn’t always end well.

Something similar happened to the dog in this story, except this case of a lost pup takes it to a whole new extreme, but his story has a happy ending.

Start Of The Journey

cute dog sitting on the grass
Source: Suzette Hall

A dog named Koa had been reported missing by his adoptive family. The dog had seemingly just vanished and his adoptive family called animal rescuer, Suzette Hall, for help. 

Hall stated that there is a difference between abandoned and lost dogs. She said: The ones who are abandoned stay where their owners left them, but the ones who are lost just wander.

Knowing this, Hall had a suspicion that it would probably be a while before they found Koa.

She did her best to notify neighboring cities that the dog was missing by posting his information on social media and putting up wanted posters. 

Little did she know that the dog would spend the next few months just wandering around for miles on end. There were numerous sightings all over neighboring cities. To everyone’s complete shock, the dog had apparently walked for dozens of miles all over California.

dog sitting on the grass and on the parking
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall said in a post on facebook: He traveled from Yorba Linda to Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach to Westminster. All the police and all the different cities knew about him.

Happy End To The Journey

After months of searching for him, she finally found Koa in Westminster, California, which was around 45 miles away from his adoptive home.

He was found hiding inside a church. Hall tried to catch him, but he was too scared and would just run away. She tried a few different ways, but nothing would work.

She knew she needed some backup, so she called for help. Thanks to the help of local Westminster animal officers, they finally managed to catch him. 

Hall said: It was only a miracle that we got him.

dog in a crate beside the car
Source: Suzette Hall

He was quickly rushed to the veterinarian to make sure he was okay. Other than the fact that he was skinny due to malnourishment, he was healthy and recovered pretty quickly. She called his adoptive family, but they relinquished Koa to her. 

Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of Suzette Hall, Koa will find a new family and a home where he will get lots of love and treats. Fortunately, for him and the new family, he did not attempt to wander off this time. 

dog lying in his bed at home
Source: Suzette Hall