Invincible Pittie Survives The Fire And Becomes The Sweetest Firefighter Ever


Everyone’s path in life is different, and the experiences we go through prepare us for fulfilling our true purpose in life. The following story is the perfect example of that.

Meet Jake, from Hanahan, South Carolina – an invincible 3-week-old Pitbull puppy who suffered burns to 75% of his body – a horrible experience that shaped his destiny. 

Inside The Burning Shed

Jake was with his mom and siblings in a shed when a fire broke out. Having realized what was happening, they tried to get out of the burning shed. On their way out, a small piece of the ceiling fell on Jake, trapping him inside.

Although he managed to wiggle his way out of it, he became too frightened and moved to the corner of the shed.

Fortunately, William Lindler, a local firefighter who lives nearby, saw what was going on. Quickly grabbing his firefighting gear and risking his own life, he ran inside the burning shed to save the poor pup.

He took him in his arms and rushed outside. Jake wasn’t breathing, so William performed mouth-to-snout on him while they waited for oxygen to be administered.

The poor puppy suffered burns on 50 to 75% of his entire body, but after three weeks of constant medical care, he was ready to be discharged from the hospital.

poor puppy lying on the table
Source: Jake’s Page

The little Jake must’ve expected his owners to come pick him up, but they never came. Jake didn’t know they had abandoned him when he needed them most. 

William later explained in a Facebook post that Jake’s owners didn’t want to pay for the medical costs. 

It wasn’t the fact of the costs because most vets do have payment options. No vet will hold your pet ransom… The family just walked out of the vet’s office without even filling out the payment paperwork.”

A New Life

William decided to adopt him right away. 

What made me decide to adopt Jake was the simple fact of everything he had been through. You know, I knew that this little guy was going to need a good little loving home.”

man holding puppy in his arms
Source: Jake’s Page

After he left the hospital, William and his family took care of Jake. The pup often went to the Hanahan Fire Department, capturing the hearts of all the firefighters. The love he received helped him heal faster.

The mayor of the town named Jake an honorary firefighter in the city of Hanahan, and a mascot of the department. 

fire department k9 oath of office
Source: Jake’s Page

He has his own working badge and William’s wife made him a fireman’s uniform. He even has a small bed at the fire station. Some of his duties include going to schools and helping kids learn what to do in emergencies.

A Great Coworker

His colleagues say it’s so much easier to work because now they have cheerful Jake who always puts a smile on their face.

Even with all the burns, he was just so happy and friendly. It was just nice to have him around. He’s just so real good for morale,” says one of the firefighters.

dog firefighter sitting on a truck
Source: Jake’s Page

Jake was trained to become an Arson Detection Dog. He detects flammable liquids, and helps firefighters determine the origin of a fire.

The near-fatal tragedy changed Jake’s life forever. He has a new family that loves him deeply and he enjoys contributing to the society as a firefighter. Jake lives his best life and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Together with his daddy, William, he often posts updates on his Facebook page. In 2022, he took part in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards, the annual competition, and he made it to the second round.

For his 8th birthday, Jake’s family threw him a great party and Jake thanked everybody for their birthday wishes.

dog sitting on the floor in front of his birthday gift
Source: William Lindler

In his free time, he loves hanging out with his dog sister, Bella, and trying out new PJ’s. He even asked his dad to let him drive a dredge!