Dog Surprises His Neighbor By Ringing His Doorbell At 4 AM


We humans love our sleep time. It allows us to recharge our batteries and get ready for the next day.

That’s why it can be so annoying when sleep is interrupted by something, whether it’s some noise, overheating, or maybe a ring of your doorbell.

Normally, if somebody was at your door in the middle of the night, you’d be a bit cautious, but I think we can all agree that nothing could prepare you for the scenario that occurred in this story.

Hello, It’s Me, Your Neighbor

dog looking at camera at night
Source: TikTok

Just as everyone was sleeping, a gray American Bully named Bruce had it with rest time and decided it was time to visit his neighbor, not realizing that his neighbor was also asleep.

Somehow, he got out of his house and rushed to the neighbor’s door at 4 AM. In this video, the dog can be seen sniffing the doorbell and pressing it.

A few seconds later, he barked just for good measure and waited for someone to open the door.

The woman, named Char, was the one who posted the story, and she shared what happened that night in an update. Char said that she got out of the bed when she heard the bell, opened the door, and let him in. 

What was funnier was that the woman said that it wasn’t his first time visiting her house.

He took a toy that belonged to her cat, and played with it for a while before finally laying down on his couch and going to sleep.

In the meantime, the homeowner tried to call her neighbors so that she could return him to the house, but nobody was responding

Char just left them a message to let them know that he was safe and to come pick him up in the morning when they are available, which they did.

How Did Tik Tok Users React

grey beautiful dog
Source: Daily Mail

Just a little while after posting this video on Tik Tok, it exploded in popularity and everyone absolutely loved the dog for his particular cleverness.

Many commenters shared their thoughts on the whole event, and here are some of the most interesting ones.

One commenter jokingly said: That would be the only welcomed guest in my house.

Another shared his thoughts by saying: Clearly, it was a snack emergency, he just needed to borrow a cup of kibble.

One of the most popular comments on the video was: It looks like he loves the tune, bopping his little blockhead along to the tune.

In the end, it’s amazing to see such a smart dog react so well to his surroundings, and I am glad that the homeowner was pretty laid back about her late-night visit.