Stanley Is A Golden Retriever With A Tiny Mohawk


We all love Golden Retrievers, but this one with cute mohawk hair is something else. 

Meet Stanley, a sweet and loving Golden Retriever with an unusual hairstyle. Stanley became a real internet sensation everyone speaks about when his owner made him a personal Instagram account. 

Even though he loves water, his mohawk still stands tall and he finds a way to charm us.

Stanley Showing Off His Style

Cute dog watching trough window
Source: @mohawkmanstans

He Was Three Weeks Old When A Little Hair Briefly Faded Away

Little dog three weeks old
Source: @mohawkmanstans

Everyone assumed it was gone for good, but the mohawk suddenly returned to put a smile on our faces.

Cute dog with summer dress
Source: @mohawkmanstans

Years Later, He’s Still Sporting His Signature Look

Dog sitting outside
Source: @mohawkmanstans

Even In Water While Swimming, It’s Still There

Dog swimming in the pool
Source: @mohawkmanstans

A lot of people think his mohawk is stylized, but his little hair doesn’t need a hairdresser – it’s completely natural.
Now, Stanley is all grown up and the mohawk is still going strong. It’s constantly catching people’s attention, and Stanley is very proud of his unique style.