Pup That Used To Dig Through Trash For Food Now Has A Happy Life


We can’t feed and cure all the strays in the world, but we can work on one dog at a time and truly make a difference. 

If you’re one of those people who is sensitive about starving dogs in horrific conditions, you may want to proceed with caution because reading about Lupita, a tiny stray that was found digging through trash for food, will leave you in tears. 

Lupita’s story gives us hope that even the worst-case scenario could have a happy ending. She had her happy ending, too, but the journey was ruff, through thorns and thistles.

The Unexpected Finding

a starving dog digs through the trash
Source: youtube.com

When Hayde Saldana woke up that morning, she didn’t think anything special would happen. Running her errands and worrying about standard life problems, Hayde saw something that made her freeze on the spot.

Out on a dangerous bend, on a busy street, there was a small stray dog going through a pile of trash. She was digging through rotten food just to find a bite to eat.

When Hayde came closer, she realized the pup looked like she’d been through a lot. She was starving, her ribs were showing, and she was clearly afraid that humans would hurt her. On top of everything, the poor dog was having a terrible case of scabies.

the dog eats from the garbage
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Hayde couldn’t look at the starving pup any longer. She knew she had to react quickly or the pup would go away. 

Listening to her instincts, Hayde went for it: she grabbed the pup while saying soothing words to calm her.

The rescue mission was a success and the pup was safe in Hayde’s arms, going to the vet for a check-up and treatment.

Lupita’s Miraculous Transformation

a beautiful dog lies on the bed and looks at the camera
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When Hayde arrived with the dog at the vet the next morning, they ran some tests. It turned out that the rescued pup was a lovely little girl and they named her Lupita.

But, that’s not all the vet found.

Lupita was diagnosed with a platelet disorder. |1| Fortunately, it’s a condition that shouldn’t limit Lupita, and she should lead a normal, happy life.

Lupita enjoyed her new, temporary home… safe from the horrific streets and the unawareness as to when her next meal would be. 

She was happy, eating well, and showing gratitude to her rescuers who used to dress her up in pawdorable doggy dresses to hide the scabies and help her heal.

Soon enough, Lupita transformed like a butterfly. She blossomed into a wonderful little dog without any traces of her before life. 

the rescued dog is standing on the laminate
Source: youtube.com

Lupita suffered through a lot, but the change is an obvious one. She looks like a healthy, happy dog, and her sweet character came out. 

This poor girl went from rags to riches, and she will surely make a terrific best friend to whoever adopts her. She knows how to appreciate the little things. She knows how to say thank you for a simple meal just with her eyes. 

Once you save a starving dog, it’s like you’ve saved the entire world.

Spread The Word

the rescued dog is standing on the laminate and looking at the camera
Source: youtube.com

Hayde Saldana, Lupita’s rescuer, leads a dog rescue organization in Lima, Peru, called Adopciones Felices. 

Saldana has helped with the adoption of many dogs. She relies mostly on donations from other dog lovers from all over the world. 

If you’re not capable of adopting, you surely can help with a few spare bucks. It will help Saldana buy food and necessities for her rescue dogs, including Lupita.

To this day, there is no information on Lupita’s adoption. As Saldana’s Facebook page states, Lupita’s still with her and her doggos.

Help spread the word about Saldana’s good deeds and bring Lupita closer to her furever family by liking and supporting Adopciones Felices.

|1| Laura Cortese, Pete W. Christopherson, Alessandra Pelagalli, Platelet Function and Therapeutic Applications in Dogs: Current Status and Future Prospects, 2020, DOI