Muneca, The Blind Senior Dog, Finally Gets A Loving Family


Muneca, the senior blind Beagle dog that was dumped by her family, ended up in a kill shelter. She seemed like a last cause until Elaine showed up. 

Elaine, the volunteer at BP Animal Care Center, was the first person who showed love and petted Muneca, and the dog reciprocated immediately! Muneca clung to her showing ultimate affection and love. 

This emotional moment was captured by John Hwang, the photographer who came in at the moment Elaine was holding Muneca in her hands. The rest, as they say, is history!

Muneca Was Dumped At A Local Shelter

After years of being a family dog, Muneca was surrendered to a local kill shelter by her family. This blind puppy was already a senior at that point, and she had trouble moving properly, as she was blind. 

For the first couple of moments, Muneca was stressed out and scared, but then Elaine showed up and showed all the greatness of humanity in one simple interaction. Elaine approached Muneca slowly in order not to scare her. 

She slowly dropped on her knees and started petting this wonderful Beagle. 

Blind and covered with fleas, this 18-year-old Dachshund had been recently surrendered by her owner to the shelter. Being in an unfamiliar environment, she felt the warm, loving touch of Elaine, and clung to her. All she wanted was to be held the whole time”, wrote John on his official Facebook page.

Elaine and Muneca’s Photos Went Viral

kind woman with abandoned dog
Photo from: John Hwang

The photo of Elaine and Muneca went viral in no time, changing this female Beagle’s destiny. Instead of ending up as an abandoned dog in a kill shelter, Muneca’s circumstances were about to change for the better!

The Frosted Faces Foundation Helped Muneca Find A Home

Their photo on social media was spotted by the Frosted Faces Foundation, the animal care from San Diego county that decided to help this poor dog. 

After being rescued from the kill shelter, Muneca was sent straight to the San Diego Animal Hospital for a checkup. She wasn’t feeling quite well, so the FFF staff decided to start from there.

Turned out, Muneca was lethargic and too weak for any kind of activity. Her bloodwork was fine, and so were her X-rays. Aside from a small heart murmur, Muneca was doing well – she was just super exhausted. 

The sad part, though, was that she was not only blind. During the checkup, the FFF staff found out that Muneca was deaf, too.

The Frosted Faces Foundation took her to their headquarters where she got a nice bubble bath and proper care. 

“We took Muneca back to FFF Headquarters where she got a warm bubble bath and nail clipping. We rushed off to catch the sunset at the beach because that seemed like a suitable introduction to a new beginning.”

dog on the beach at sunset
Photo from: Frosted Faces Foundation

Amy Was Muneca’s Destiny

happy woman holding a dog in her arms
Photo from: Frosted Faces Foundation

Kelly, the director of FFF, said that there were hundreds of inquiries about Muneca, so the choice they had to make was not easy. 

Amy drove all the way to San Diego to meet Muneca, still not knowing that she was the perfect candidate.

Kelly was quite nervous before the meeting with Amy, as she wasn’t sure Amy was the right person for Muneca. Still, after only a few minutes into the meeting, Kelly realized Amy was the perfect choice!

“Muneca headed home with her Forever Foster Family today! We wish you could meet them because they are magnetizing and caring – you would like them instantly”, wrote FFF on their Facebook.

“She pressed her against her chest gently and Muneca draped her head over Amy’s shoulder. No lie… Muneca even wagged her tail as Amy signed her name on the magic line of the contract.”

Muneca, the poor dog that was abandoned and left to die, now had a brand new home! Though blind, deaf, and very old, Amy makes sure Muneca gets only the best of life.