Check Out How German Shepherds Welcome Their Owners Home


Describing a German Shepherd in one word is practically impossible, but if I had to do it, it would definitely be – loyalty

No matter how much time passes by or how long of a distance is between these German beauties and their owners, there’s one thing we can always be sure about, and that’s that they’re always gonna remember!

The sweetest reunion between a German Shepherd, Rambo, and his owner, Anny Chow, was recorded when this woman returned back home after three weeks. 

Here’s the full story!

Rambo Has Always Been A Good Boi

rambo the german shepherd puppy learning obedience
Source: Meet the Chows

Even though he’s now a fully-grown boi living his best life in the Pacific Northwest, he has always been a good, decent boy! Anny got him when he was only a puppy, but she immediately started training him in obedience and socialization.

There’s one thing she has never managed to handle, though, and that’s his silliness! Rambo’s literally a furrball of silliness and he puts that on display every single day. 

But, other than that – he’s nothing less than the pawfect black-and-cream boi deeply devoted to his hooman, Anny!

The Warmest Reunion Ever

It’s not that often that Anny has to go away for several weeks without Rambo, but this particular time, this German boi couldn’t come with her. 

It was three long weeks for Rambo, who couldn’t wait for her to come back home, and when she finally did – he prepared her the greatest welcome ever!

rambo the german shepherd reuniting with his owner
Source: Meet the Chows

When he heard Anny opening the gate, he enthusiastically ran towards her, jumping on his hind legs and literally hugging her!

At one point, not being able to control his excitement, he literally knocked her over while trying to express his deepest happiness about his owner being finally home!

rambo the german shepherd hugging his owner
Source: Meet the Chows

Seeing them back together and sharing the sweetest hugs was just pawdorable! Anny knew that Rambo has always been attached to her, but even she was a little surprised by the amount of his enthusiasm.

Clingy Or Not Clingy – That Is The Question

He might seem tough and sturdy, but don’t let that pawesome doggo posture mislead you! The truth is – Rambo has always been quite clingy to Anny. Whenever she tries to do something or sit down at the computer to work – he acts like it’s the end of the world!

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“When you are trying to work, but your dog thinks you are abandoning him,” Anny wrote under the video.

There’s only one question left to ask – Is this all a part of his top-secret plan to keep Anny near?

The Silliest Boi Ever

rambo the german shepherd and his owner posing for a photo
Source: @annychow

Other than his deep bond with Anny, he’s nothing but the silliest German Shepherd on this planet! 

That’s right!

He frolics around in the back yard, chases water, and does whatever it takes to get Anny’s attention!

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He’ll even eat lots of veggies if that’s what it takes to get Anny to play with him! He’s a very sharp boi that loves having things his own way! But, that’s okay, as he’s just the sweetest German boi in the Pacific Northwest!

You can follow more of his adventures at Meet The Chows.