You’ll Never Believe What This Dog Uses To Pay For His Treats


Usually, animals can’t grasp the concept of money, but this one might be a bit different.

In this busy and fast world resides a remarkable pup named Negro. Negro loved spending time near people and children.

He would walk around the local campus and observe children buying tasty cookies.

Smart Negro came up with an idea and found out how money works, but with a twist.

Negro’s Clever Pursuit Of Cookies

Teacher Angela Garcia Bernal recalls a heartwarming moment, as she recounts, “One day, out of the blue, he emerged with a leaf delicately held in his mouth, wagging his tail and making it clear that he desired a cookie.”

photo of a dog named Negro
Source: A Peña J David

Curiously observing the humans’ mysterious scraps of paper, Negro looked to the trees and found a solution, or we could call it a money tree. His idea of money was leaves scattered on the ground.

He collected a leaf and went to the local store. A worker there jokingly took his leaf as “cash” from his mouth and gave him a treat, and the rest is history. He quickly learned that leaf equals treat.

Negro with a leaf in his mouth
Source: A Peña J David

Negro’s purchase of a cookie in exchange for a leaf made him happy. And, since it worked once, he comes back every day to buy a cookie!

Store attendant, Gladys Barreto, said, “He comes for cookies every day and he always pays with a leaf”.

No worries, tho, the staff has some hidden snacks just for our Negro. Some days, this silly dog likes to make more than one purchase, but still, everyone on campus loves him.

Photo of Negro at the store counter
Source: A Peña J David

“It brings you to tears when you see it for the first time,” Angela said.

“He is so intelligent, he found a way to communicate with his fellow humans.”

It looks like the little smarty pants has some sense of economics. It’s just a matter of time when he will pursue a degree in commerce! Him being a Lab is no wonder why he’s so smart.

Photo of Negro and Angela
Source: A Peña J David