Teen Saves A Suffering Dog And Gets A BFF


They say that life is a journey through mysterious roads, and they’re usually right! For Mason Forsythe, from Holly Township, Michigan, his whole life changed when he met Hedgie, a shelter doggo that was abandoned by his former family.

The original idea was to get another dog, but when this 15-year-old entered the shelter with his mom, the idea took another shape! 

All it took was a couple of short moments with five-month Hedgie for Mason to know that he wanted this dog all along! 

And, so it happened – Hedgie and Mason were about to embark on an adventurous journey together, not knowing that the whole journey would be nothing but a true test of loyalty between the two!

Hedgie Was Afraid Of Everything

hedgie the rescue dog lying in a cage
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The shelter staff didn’t know his whole story, but assuming from Hedgie’s demeanor, they were convinced that he had been tied up his whole life

He was very timid and insecure around people, but Mason didn’t mind. He and his mom, Mindy, were inclined to provide Hedgie with a furever home!

“He had been tied out probably for his whole puppyhood. He was afraid of everything. He was so afraid of people in general. The first night we brought him home, he was so sad and he was hiding under the table,” said Mindy.

rescue dog lying covered with blanket
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One night, Hedgie was very upset and stressed out, constantly barking. Mason decided to take him to his room for the night, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Building A Lifetime Bond With Mason

From that particular night, Hedgie was a different dog! He was suddenly all about his buddy who provided him with comfort when he needed it the most. 

That was the moment when Mason knew – he and Hedgie wouldn’t part ways again, even if it means sharing a bed together!

rescue dog sleeping with his owner
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The two created a beautiful bond together. Even though both Mason and his mom, Mindy, took care of Hedgie, the dog would only look up to the teenager, as he was now his best friend!

hedgie the dog and his owner posing for a photo
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Mason taught him basic obedience and a lot of tricks, such as ringing the bell when he wants to go outside, and bowing or whispering! He is such a smart boy, with his whole life ahead of him.

Fighting The Disease Against All Odds

Unfortunately, one day, Mason noticed that Hedgie had difficulty moving, and he and his mom immediately took him to the vet.

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After a thorough checkup, the vet diagnosed him with Myasthenia Gravis and megaesophagus. This is a serious condition that typically ends in euthanization, which was, at the time, recommended by Hedgie’s vet. 

With his megaesophagus disorder, he wasn’t able to pass any of the food and liquids into his stomach, and on top of all that, MG was adding to a malfunction of Hedgie’s nerves and muscles.

“A lot of vets will immediately say that they need to be put down, which was really not an option for us as long as he could have a high quality of life.”

It was a nightmare for Mason and Mindy, but they decided to keep fighting with Hedgie, as they couldn’t put him down. And, despite all her doubts – Mindy was amazed by the care Mason was providing to his dog!

“Mason has done every bit of care with this dog,” says Mindy.

With many things on his plate, including school, choir, sports, and his social life – she never felt that Mason was neglecting Hedgie. Even more so – he stepped up and gave the beautiful ‘human-dog relationship’ an extra meaning! 

Aside from Hedgie’s medications and a Bailey chair (a narrow box that makes dogs with megaesophagus seated in an upright position while eating), Mason made sure his doggo never feels alone.

hedgie the dog having lunch in a bailey chair
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Still Going Strong

hedgie the dog posing with his owner
Source: @hedgiethehedgedog

Despite all odds, Hedgie and Mason are still going strong, living a high-quality life with each other!

Due to his wonderful care, it’s as if his disease doesn’t even exist! Hedgie is practically living his best life, surrounded by Mason and his new doggo and feline friends! He even got a new niece not too long ago, and he just loves her!

Once an abandoned doggo with nothing but trauma in his life, Hedgie is now a loving furrball collecting memories for life!