Pup With No Front Legs Seen Rollin’


The story of Nubby, the Boxer puppy from Conroe, Texas, who was born without his front legs, is probably the cutest, yet most inspiring piece that you’re gonna read today. 

Even though he was born with a disability, his then foster parents didn’t want to give up on him. Nubby was facing a difficult life and lots of obstacles on the way, but the hooman-dog relationship once again beat all the odds!

Nubby Was Facing Euthanization, But His Parents Decided Differently

Source: The Dodo

Only four hours after he was born, the vet suggested to Lou Robinson, Nubby’s foster parent, that it would be for the best to euthanize this puppy. He was born with no front legs and had difficulty getting to his dog mom to eat.

While his mom accepted him alongside the other puppies, his siblings constantly pushed him away, and he definitely wouldn’t make it on his own. 

Lou, who was one of the founders of the WEAR “Warriors Educate About Rescue”, and her husband, Mark, had a different idea, though. 

Despite the vet’s suggestion, they decided to take in Nubby for good and provide him with a furever home. They fed him through a bottle and took care of him around the clock, making sure Nubby got everything he needed in order to grow into a healthy, nurtured pup.

puppy with no front paws fed by his dad
Source: The Dodo

He Struggled During The First Couple Of Months

puppy with no front legs lying on the bed
Source: The Dodo

Even though everything seemed to go well during the first month, Nubby started having problems with pooping, and he had bubbles constantly coming out of his nose. After a thorough examination, the vet determined that he was having problems with his esophagus.

He was immediately put on antibiotics and he needed an incubator in order to get enough oxygen. 

Still, he was holding up good, not letting a few speed bumps on the way affect his such cute enthusiasm. Despite everything, Nubby loved his life, and he was showing it every single day! 

The Pawfect, White Boxer Boy

Over time, he got much better, leaving his esophagus problems behind! He grew into a beautiful, white Boxer puppy, with a breathtaking life sparkle in his eyes. 

It was as if he never had a disability, as Nubby was moving freely without any help, except when he needed to climb the stairs up or down.

dog with no front legs lying in the grass
Source: WEAR “Warriors Educate About Rescue”

In order to perform his regular doggo activities, Lou and Mark got him a wheeled prosthetic device that helped him a lot! 

dog with no front legs in his wheelchair
Source: Nubby Bowlin

With his wheelchair, he was officially given permission to live his life to the fullest, not letting his disability stand in the way of making new friends. And, he did make a ton of new friends indeed!

Enjoying Life To The Fullest

dog with no front legs with his owner
Source: Nubby Bowlin

Today, Nubby’s living his best life surrounded by the people and doggos who love him endlessly, and he reciprocates! He just loves snuggling with his mom, Lou, and his dad, Mark, but he also doesn’t mind hanging out with his little hoomans, too!

dog with no front legs with little hooman buddies
Source: Nubby Bowlin

He also makes a bunch of friends on a daily basis, as he’s such a sweet and sociable boy. It’s evident from his behavior that Nubby appreciates every aspect of his pawfect, little life.

He just doesn’t know the words “boredom,” “no,” or “can’t do.” In a way, he lives more life with just his two legs than most healthy puppies! 

And, yes – he’s officially an Instagram star now! More than 80,000 people follow this cute boy from Conroe, Texas, and they enjoy his daily adventures!

We really hope he continues living his best life around his family and friends and setting an example that everything is indeed possible. You just need to wish for it hard enough!