Two Abused And Rescued Pitbulls Can’t Stop Dancing Upon Meeting Each Other 


Pitbulls, often unfairly stigmatized and labeled as aggressive, prove time and time again that they are just as capable of love, compassion, and companionship as any other dog breed. 

Chase and Cadence are two Pitbulls, severely abused and neglected, who were rescued by a wonderful organization called Hope For Paws. 

While still being misunderstood and unfairly-judged beings by many people, these two defied all expectations and showed the true spirit of these dogs. 

The Pitbull Dance

two rescued pit bulls are playing
Source: Youtube

Cadence and Chance were both rescued by a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Los Angeles, California – Hope For Paws. 

Although both dogs were previously abused and neglected, they still believed in second chances and were nothing but love and kisses. 

Chance came to the rescue a day after Cadence was saved, so they decided to put them together in the same room.

To everyone’s surprise, the two rescued Pitbulls became friends instantly. Although it was the first time they had ever met, all they did was dance and play together the whole time. 

It was certainly a love at first sniff. 

At that moment, everything from their terrible past was forgotten and they could finally enjoy being just happy and playful dogs.  

Thanks to the Hope For Paws organization, we, too, can enjoy the heartwarming display of the bond between these two sweet souls. 

Take a look at the Pitbull dance that melted the hearts of people all over the world: 

With over 4.5 million views and still counting, this heartfelt encounter is sure to bring joy to your day. 

A little bit of compassion and understanding can change someone’s life forever and dissolve even the most deeply ingrained misconceptions. 

Cadence And Chance’s Rescue Story

two rescued pit bulls with their tongues sticking out
Source: Chance

Cadence was rescued 9 years ago after an urgent call about an injured dog. Two kind people spotted a dog that seriously needed help, and after they saw it collapse in a dark alley, they immediately called for help. 

Eldad, the founder of the Hope For Paws organization, immediately went to rescue the poor dog. Cadence was severely injured and weak, so she gladly accepted the help. 

After she was brought to the veterinary clinic, they learned that she was actually used as a bait dog and had suffered a lot in her short life. 

The day after Cadence’s rescue, the organization received a call about a large stray Pitbull in South Central Los Angeles that needed help. 

a rescued pit bull stands on the lawn and looks at the camera
Source: Chance

Chance was a big boy, but deep down, he was extremely scared and sad. The volunteers worked hard to gain his trust, and in the end, it all worked out for the good. 

When the two dogs first met, all Chance wanted to do was help ease Cadence’s pain by licking her wounds. 

Watch Cadence’s rescue story here, and Chance’s here. 

The two were thankfully nursed back to health and happily adopted into loving families. 

a man kisses a pit bull
Source: Cadence

Sadly, in 2019, Cadence passed away due to cancer. “She was the joy of my life, my best friend, and probably the only thing in the world that loved me. Thank you to everyone that has liked and shared and donated in her name over the years. My beautiful baby girl is free now. I’ll miss her forever,” Cadence’s dad wrote on her Facebook.  

When it comes to Chance, there is no recent information about him, but we’d like to believe that he is still living his best life with his forever family.