German Shepherd Gives The Warmest Welcome To His Military Dad


We all know how hard it is for our heroes in masked suits, living and serving far away from home. 

Military families are truly special, and we could all learn a thing or two from them. 

It takes courage, great responsibility, and incredible devotion to leave the family you have and go into the world to make it a better place. 

We can only imagine what goes through their head when they lay down at night, under constant fear that an air strike may break the silence. 

They pray.

They’re afraid, but too brave to let the fear overwhelm them.

And, they think of their loved ones back home.

That’s what gives them strength. 

It is family, especially if it’s blessed with some four-legged members.

When this military dad got home after being 5 months deployed, everyone was super excited.

But, not everyone showed it the way Rocky, the family dog, did.

Welcome Home, Dad

happy man hugging his german shepherd dog
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Baylie Lakes, her husband, and their two dogs, Rocky and Rooster, are a small military family based at Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California. 

Like any military family, they spend every precious moment together, building up memories before the deployment starts. 

Sure thing… it’s rough, but serving this country is the most important thing for an Airman like Baylie’s husband. 

Five long months had passed and  it was finally time to go back home. 

Baylie was super excited, but she kept her excitement just for herself. 

She didn’t let the dogs know their dad was coming home.

She wanted to make this a surprise for the canines. 

Rocky, also known as Bidoof, is a bit older than his brother, Rooster. This German Shepherd is the true specimen of the breed, and exactly what a woman living alone for most of the year needs.

Rocky is a protector, and he surely has his job on his mind all the time.

When Baylie showed Rocky there was an intruder in a gray hoodie entering their back yard, the dog flipped. He went into defensive mode immediately, rushing outside to protect his mommy and his home. 

Rocky bolted out, started circling the newcomer, and barking like crazy. 

german shepherd with man on the grass
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Still, something was odd. Something was familiar. 

The newcomer crouched down, and as soon as he took off his hood, Rocky realized that wasn’t a real stranger danger alert. 

It was dad!

Rocky turned around to his mom as if he was saying:

Can you believe this? He’s here! Dad came home! Did you know dad would come home? OMG!

man playing with german shepherd
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The brave German Shepherd’s ears went straight back and his tongue went into super-licking mode. Rocky was thrilled his dad was home! He was beyond excited to finally get a sniff of one of his favorite hoomans.

Rocky and his dad hugged and kissed so much that Rocky knocked over his dad. 

It was one of the best days in the life of this German Shepherd. 

Watch their sweet reunion and one of the most wholesome homecoming welcomes ever right here!


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And, if you wonder if Rocky is usually such a goof, you can follow his mommy on TikTok where she posts daily adventures of Rocky and his brother, Rooster. They’re still stationed at Vandenberg Base, in California, where they’re all waiting for their newest adventures.