Rescuers Met With A Big Surprise When They Opened The Door Of An Abandoned House 


When a foster-based rescue, called Rescue One, got a call from the Christian County Sheriff’s Office about three adult Huskies who had been abandoned, they were more than ready to help.

They made their way down to Highlandville, Missouri, where the pups were located, hoping that they were okay.

Rescue Mission 

husky on the street
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As soon as they pulled into the driveway, they were greeted by two very excited Huskies who were ready to be saved!

They loaded them into the van and went back looking for the third one who appeared to be hiding inside the house.

They carefully approached the abandoned house and what they saw next shocked them.

Big Surprise

As soon as they opened the door, the Husky ran out, and right behind her, her puppies!


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The property was very overgrown and it was obvious no one had been there for some time. We saw the mama dog through the window of the home. With our slip lead ready, we opened the door and she ran out. Our volunteer quickly shut the door behind the mom and yelled, ‘Puppies!’”, said Stephanie Shelton, the executive director of Rescue One.

When the shock settled in, the team slowly opened the door again – this time knowing what was going to greet them.

The most adorable 8 pups were running around and playing inside. 

Even though the team wasn’t aware of the puppies, they knew that they weren’t safe there, so one by one, they put them inside a carrier and took them to the office.


Whoa! What’s 8 more? 😭 #animalrescue #rescued #animalsoftiktok #bekindtoanimals #puppies #puppiesoftiktok

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Apart from not having access to food or water and being covered in fleas, all 11 dogs were pretty healthy.  

Back at the office, all of the puppers were well taken care of. As soon as they were given a good bath and a yummy meal, they were ready to be settled.

Due to overcrowding in our rescue, the mom and puppies will be transferred and already have applications for adoption when they are ready through our partner rescue, Unleashed Pet Rescue, and the males, Mongoose and Badger, will be available for adoption. 

husky on the floor laying
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Final Word

Even though this rescue had a big, adorable surprise, the trained rescuers held their ground and everything worked out perfectly. 

As for the pups, being so cute, I’m sure they will find a loving forever home in no time!