Former Bait Dog Gets An Incredible Transformation


When the channel @TheMoho from Canada posted the story about Phoenix, it soon went viral. This poor dog was found abandoned on the street after he was used as a bait dog. 

He was extremely malnourished, with wounds all over his body. 

dog with swollen and wounded face
Source: The Moho

A woman named Virginia spotted the poor dog roaming the streets and decided to help him. She knew that without vet intervention, this poor boy would not make it, which is why she immediately took him to the vet.

He Couldn’t Open His Eyes For Weeks

dog with swollen face sitting in the car
Source: The Moho

Even though they didn’t know the history behind his swollen face, the vet and Phoenix’s new family believe that he was used as a bait dog. When he was first brought to the vet, he was practically a walking skeleton.

His face was swollen and he couldn’t open his eyes at all. However, Phoenix never lost his enthusiasm and his gentle side, as he was affectionate to his new owner all along. 

In a way, it was like he was trying to say that he’s so grateful for finally being saved from the street. 

He Still Copes WIth Infections

phoenix still struggling with infections
Source: The Moho

Phoenix’s new owner takes him to the vet on a regular basis in the attempt to reduce the swelling and stop further infections. The majority of his body is still in wounds, and he is having a hard time healing. 

He’s currently on a new antibiotic that helps him kill off the infection that he’s currently dealing with.

He already feels so much better than when he was first brought to the vet. He’s now eating properly, going out in the back yard of his new home, and nearly performing regular canine activities. 

However, he still needs time to reach his full potential.

Feeling Good In A New Home

Phoenix feels good at his new home
Source: The Moho

Needless to say that Phoenix has finally found his happy place! He’s currently living on a farm with his new family, making friends with other farm animals! At first, he was shy and a little bit of an introvert, but now he’s comfortable enough to approach everyone in his new family.

His new mom knew from day one that Phoenix would be an important addition to the family, as the bond was created the first time they met.

“When you meet someone for the first time, yet it feels like you’ve known them forever.”

phoenix hugs his new owner
Source: The Moho

He’s still uncomfortable with a leash, as he has trauma from all the wounds he gained in the past, but everything else seems to be coming into place! He hangs out on a farm, runs around, and frolics with his new friends.

His old wounds are slowly healing, and he’s finally able to see, as his swelling is significantly reduced.

We’re so glad that Phoenix is finally off the street, as in the words of his new family: “He deserves a second chance in his life!”