After Being Missing For Three Years, A Loving Dog Reappears 1,200 Miles From Home


Losing a furry friend is something every dog owner dreads.

A Texas-based family was heartbroken when their loving dog, Daisy, went missing. Although she had been missing for three years, they never lost hope that they would be reunited one day.

This is the miraculous story of how Daisy found her way back to the loving arms of her parents. 

Searching For Daisy

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Daisy lived a carefree life in Sugar Land, Texas, and she always had a special place in the Skelton family. They refer to her as their first baby. She started living with them when she was only 12 weeks old.

“She was the best dog ever. She was gentle, loving and patient. She was with us through 2 pregnancies, 2 toddlers and 3 different homes,” said Katrina Skelton, Daisy’s mom.

Daisy was an important part of their family. And then, one day, she was gone. She disappeared without a trace. The Skeltons were heartbroken. They did everything they could to find her, relentlessly searching for her.

Katrina had Daisy’s missing poster as her Facebook profile picture for a year after she was gone.

The whole family hoped that their fur baby would soon show up. They often checked the microchip site to see if she had been scanned. She wasn’t.

As time went by and they didn’t receive any news of her, her parents began thinking that she found another family. They hoped she was happy.

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And then, in January, 2022, a miracle happened. They received a call from a family in Indiana. Daisy showed up in their back yard 3 days ago. The family took her to the vet, and as soon as she was scanned, they called Daisy’s parents.

The Skelton family was over the moon. After three long years, they had news about their precious Daisy. They were very excited and they couldn’t wait to see her again. They immediately started planning their 30+ hour-drive to Indiana.

From the moment they received the long-awaited news about Daisy, her parents couldn’t stop wondering if Daisy would recognize them.

The Long-Awaited Reunion

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The day of the reunion finally came. Daisy’s parents arrived in Indiana to pick their lost baby up. As soon as they saw her, they kissed her and hugged her. 

At first, Daisy was overcome with emotions. As soon as she recognized her family, she perked up. She felt relieved to be in her mom’s arms again.

Her parents took her home. Daisy’s human brothers were impatiently waiting for her in Texas. Katrina said that Daisy always had a great relationship with the kids.

When she came home, her little humans opened the door and welcomed her. She was happy to be home, and she came in, wagging her tail in excitement. Her brothers let her sniff them.

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There was another close friend waiting for Daisy. It was her fur friend, Duke. As soon as she saw him, she recognized him. They couldn’t contain their excitement and they started jumping around the house and whining.

Katrina doesn’t know how Daisy ended up in Indiana; 1,200 miles away from her home in Texas. She has always loved car rides. Her mom thinks that perhaps somebody picked her up and drove her to Indiana. Another theory is that she lived with a family in Texas who later moved to Indiana.

The family who took her in never scanned her. They were not interested in finding Daisy’s real owners. However, the Skeltons were relieved to know that she was well taken care of.

It’s wonderful to see Daisy reunited with her family who has waited for her for so long. Now, they have all the time in the world to catch up, and Daisy can soak up the boundless love her family gives her.

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