Man And His Giant Pack Of Rescue Animals Enjoy Their Every Minute Together


It takes a giant heart and lots of love to make your home a safe place for a rescue!  

Well, Dina and her husband, Eric, have long passed this point as they adopted not one, but 11 homeless animals! 

You’ve heard it right!

Their home is practically run by rescues, and they just adore it! Even though having multiple personalities together is sometimes no picnic, this amazing family pulls it off like pros! 

Dina, Eric, And The Home Full Of Love

two dogs cat and pig
Source: @housenorules

Eric and Dina’s home has always been filled with love for animals. This couple has fostered more than 50 doggos so far, but they haven’t stopped there! 

They currently live with six canines, four cats, and a little pig named Lou. Their inexhaustible love for animals is what made saving abandoned animals a life mission. 

four cute dogs posing for pic
Source: @housenorules

“For me, it’s our responsibility to make sure they’re safe and they’re cared for,” says Dina.

dog and pig in bed
Source: @housenorules

Even though their home is buzzing with different temperaments, that has never been a problem for Eric and Dina! Alongside their two little girls, their rescue animals make their life filled with joy and happiness, and they just make room for everyone!

The Greatest Dad In The World

owner in his house with many dogs
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Yes, they both take care of their pets equally, but it just seems that Eric’s the one who makes their hearts skip a beat! He’s a softy in the house and he lets everyone do whatever they please!

“The cats will steal food off of his plate and he just lets it happen. They all know to just sit and wait and everyone gets their turn,” says Dina.

owner and dog sleeping in sleeping bag
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He always lets everyone sleep in the bed with him or lie with him in the hammock! 

He’s the one who gives them bubble baths and cuddles with them everywhere around the house… and when they’re outside – he doesn’t mind casually lying on the ground with them if it means quality playtime!

And, in return – everyone reciprocates! According to Dina, all doggos, cats, and even Lou seek their dad’s attention. 

“They all want his attention so, so much! As soon as he gets in the hammock, they are like: ‘My dad’s in the hammock!’ “ 

They’re always around him, following him everywhere he goes, and they never let go!

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The fun part is that with her dad boosting her confidence – Lou feels like a regular member of the pack, too! Even though she only cuddles and shares her bed with their dog, Scoobs, she regularly spends time together with the rest of the pack.

Passing On The Values To The Little Ones

two little girls and big dog
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For Eric and Dina – taking care of animals is a virtue valuable for passing on to their daughters. They have been teaching them since forever to be respectful of every single animal they meet. 

“We love teaching the kids to be respectful of the animals. They know the animals deserve just as much love and compassion as we give to another human being,” says Dina.

With such wonderful and caring parents, there’s no doubt that the girls will definitely follow in their footsteps! 

You can keep up with Eric, Dina, and their family on their official Instagram – House No Rules – and enjoy their pawfect little adventures!