This Is What Happens When You Mix A Husky With A Golden Retriever


But, an accident in a good way!

Well, that’s how most mutts these days happen. 

When one dog falls in love with a completely different breed, the result is always a unique puppy, often a rare beauty.

That’s how a Goberian was made!

As a relatively fresh mutt on the streets, the Goberian is the love child of a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. Quite an unusual combination, don’t you think?

The Goberian doesn’t just have a cool name; he’s really one cool dude or dudette. 

Most Goberians have Husky eyes and coat color, while their texture is scruffy and fluffy… much like the Golden’s. 

But, Tyson isn’t a typical specimen of this sub-breed. 

Tyson is special.

And, here’s his story about how an “accident” became a viral hit!

Tyson, The Wonderful “Accident”

golden retriever and a siberian husky mix dog
Source: YouTube

Tyson is an absolute goof and an absolute delight to have around!

As a 50% Husky and 50% Golden Retriever, Tyson looks a lot like the Husky pawrent, but he has inherited the golden shade throughout his coat from the Golden side of the family.

He’s got floppy ears, not pointy ones like the Husky. But, still… he’s a very dashing boi.

dog covered with a towel in a shower
Source: YouTube

He’s super proud of his piercing blue eyes, and he knows how to use his charm.

playfull dog lying on the bed
Source: YouTube

But, Tyson is beautiful on the inside, too! He was actually brought home as an emotional support dog for the family’s other dog, Champ. 

Champ, the Huskimo (part Husky, part American Eskimo dog), got really anxious anytime the owners left their home, so they got him a buddy.

Now, Champ and Tyson are best friends and do everything together.

two dogs playing indoors
Source: YouTube

The dynamic pup of this dynamic duo is definitely Tyson. He’s always getting into trouble.

Whether it’s digging up holes in the backyard…

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making a mess around the house…

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or stealing things for his private stash.

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Tyson and his brother, Champ, are a MUST for you to follow on Instagram. They will bring you lots of laughs, so don’t waste a moment – follow them here!