MikeyGus Is A Sweet GSD With Dwarfism You Need To Meet


“When life gives you lemons – make lemonade!”

The life of MikeyGus couldn’t be better explained but throughout this phrase!

This beautiful, now 7-year-old German Shepherd was born with dwarfism – a rare condition that affects around 20% of the breed, according to this study.

Living with his Carkuff family in Clarksville, Indiana, MikeyGus didn’t let this unusual condition determine his life. Just like his best furriends, he wanted to be an ordinary boi! And, an ordinary boi he became!

He Was Just Like Any Other Puppy

mikeygus the dwarf gsd puppy
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First off, let’s solve the mystery here! MikeyGus is how everyone in the family refers to him, but a very few people know that this pawfect boi’s name is Michaelangelo Augustine! 

Of course, nobody perceives him to be such a serious doggo to be called by his full name, so everyone agreed on MikeyGus!

By the time he was 10 weeks old, he seemed like an ordinary puppy, but after a thorough checkup, the vet diagnosed him with dwarfism six weeks later. 

dwarf gsd mikeygus lying in a backyard
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The condition didn’t come to display that much until he turned six months of age. At that point, he was practically unable to walk or perform any of the normal dog activities.

He Never Gave Up

mikeygus the dwarf gsd with a ball
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The normal life expectancy of doggos with this rare condition usually revolves around four to five years, but MikeyGus didn’t give up. And, neither did his family! At the age of six months, they made sure he didn’t miss out on anything, even if that meant carrying him around.

His mom, Amy, and her husband got him a customized stroller so he could normally go out and hang out with Carkuff’s two other dogs – Spartacus and Temperance.

“MikeyGus has taught me a lot about determination, ambition, and not giving up… He never gives up. He thinks he’s like everybody else,” says his mom.

Not even for one second could the family see any sign of depression in this decisive doggo. Despite the fact that he was lacking as much energy and strength as two of his buddies had, he always kept up with them!

The Fantastic Trio

mikeygus the dwarf gsd with his siblings
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Like you wouldn’t believe, Spartacus and Temperance literally understand that their brother is a little different and they are very careful around him, especially during playtime. But, despite all – they enjoy spending time together very much!

“When they play, and MikeyGus is playing with them, they are a lot more careful,” Amy Carkuff said.

“Spartacus and Temperance treat MikeyGus pretty much like they would any other dog. Temperance does tend to be a little more motherly towards MikeyGus, Spartacus is a little more indifferent,” says Amy.

They’re so used to each other that it’s practically impossible to imagine them being separated. And, that’s not even all! 

Aside from their little “doggo trio,” MikeyGus and his siblings have a whole bunch of other friends, including cats and chickens.

I guess living in the country of Clarksville, Indiana has turned these doggos into true animal lovers! They truly live their life to the fullest and enjoy every second of it!

Living The Best Life

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Even though his prognosis was bad, the truth is – MikeyGus is one happy German Shepherd today! Last month, he celebrated his seventh birthday with his family and he’s still going strong.

“MikeyGus is an adventure seeker, a rogue desperado, a treasure hunter. And, he knows how to find the very best gems. He’s a natural.”

mikeygus the dwarf gsd out in the field
Source: @practicallyperfectineveryway_

Unfortunately, his brother, Spartacus, isn’t around anymore. He recently passed away, leaving everyone in the family heartbroken. But, the Carkuffs are just happy knowing that he had a great life.

And, as for MikeyGus – we really hope he keeps the battle going, the only way he knows how!