Sometimes, Even German Shepherds Fail Their Service Dog Tests


Things don’t always go the way we want them to no matter how hard we work and how much effort we put in it.

But, instead of considering failures as mistakes, they can be good life lessons not only for we humans, but dogs as well.

SImply because a dog isn’t meant to do something his owner wants him to do doesn’t mean he can’t be good at other things. 

Ryker, a German Shepherd, might not have proven himself as a good service dog, but this doggo still has plenty of skills to show.

german shepherd dog with his tongue out
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Here At Your Service, Pops… Oh Look, A Tennis Ball!

Louisville, Kentucky isn’t richer for another service dog as Ryker, a playful German Sheppie, wasn’t meant to become one, even after enrolling in a Double H Canine Training Academy.

Well, at least Ryker made everyone laugh with his service dog test performance, which included chasing after a tennis ball, refreshing everyone around him by puncturing a bottle full of water, and pulling the fridge to the ground (I mean… it is more convenient for him to grab whatever he needs that way).

german shepherd dog doing test for service dog
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I wanted to start this sentence with “Jokes aside,” but it seems to me that this adorable doggo’s test was a joke since everyone laughed hard. 

Although the test proved that Ryker could never become a good service dog, he could pursue a comedian career, considering how much positive energy he brought into the room.

The tennis ball looked so tempting that Ryker simply couldn’t resist it, even when it was attached to the walker. He was so focused on it that Ryker completely forgot what his main task was – in his head, getting the ball into his mouth was his ultimate goal.

german shepherd dog sniffing man with walker during test for service dog
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London Fridge Is Falling Down, My Dear Owner

One of the most hilarious tasks was opening the fridge. Ryker was so focused on it that he thought he should not only open the fridge, but drag it all the way to his owner.

Fortunately, the trainer was there to hold the fridge so it didn’t end up on the floor, literally, but one thing was for sure – all the people in the room had great fun.

Ryker proved two things with this test; the first one was that he’s really strong, and the second one was that he really isn’t a good fit for a service canine.

german shepherd dog standing beside open fridge during his test for service dog
Source: Justsomething

Is that bad? Well, I don’t think so. German Shepherds are such versatile pooches that they can perform greatly in other fields.

Ryker might not be able to hand a bottle, open a fridge, or help walk his owner, but who knows – maybe I’ll write about him as an excellent K-9 officer or a great guard dog in the future.

Although, I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of him becoming a comedian as well. If you’re having a rough day, I recommend you watch this video.