If You Think This Is A White GSD, Then Think Twice


Dogs are full of surprises. This one is a great example of things not being what they seem. Reddit user CityNot posted on the German shepherds Subreddit about this strange and magnificent experience, and they never thought this story would get the media attention it did.

What started off as a couple’s activity of choosing the new family pet, became very quickly an eye-opening experience. The search and plans of finding a well-pedigreed white German shepherd were undermined by a DNA test that showed the dog had some GSD in its bloodline.

In the same Subreddit thread, the owner said that they couldn’t believe the results of the DNA test. Only 25% of this beautiful off-white “GSD” was actually German shepherd genetics.

The other quarter of the gene pool was Husky, while an astounding 50% of her DNA was Tijuana street dog. Essentially, their “purebred” white German shepherd dog was mostly a Mexican stray.

white german shepherd under the blanket
Source: Reddit

I would definitely be caught off-guard by this revelation. However, the couple loves their dog even more know. They picked the right dog, despite it not being what they initially expected.

The dog itself got a lot of love from the German shepherds Subreddit community, too. Some complimented her about being a good girl, while others “warned” of potentially loud vocal expressions.

By far the most common response was that the dog looked gorgeous. Being half-stray, half other pure breeds clearly didn’t affect beauty. 

beautiful german shepherd dog
Source: Mirror (Image: Getty Images/EyeEm)

There were those who questioned the test’s validity by saying that different laboratories can report different DNA lineage results. 

Regardless of what other breeds are involved with this quarter-GSD, what matters most is the relationship between her and the owners. No problems on that front!

What played into the owners’ hands as well was that all of these breeds had great doggy personalities. According to the AKC, the Husky part wins the affection trophy, the GSD part would take the smart award, and Mexican street dogs the street wisdom and cunning plaque.

If she is as loud as a Husky, that might be the only downside. But, then again, the owners might prefer a chatty dog to a silent schemer.