German Shepherd Is Super Happy To Finally See His Owner


When we say that dogs are our best friends, we really mean it! They’re not just partially involved in our life – they’re all in from the start!

Family dogs have a tendency to develop the utmost affection towards their owners, which often correlates with separation anxiety when they’re gone. While it’s good to have a close bond with your pet, it’s usually heartbreaking when you need to say goodbye.

That’s exactly what happened to Freya, the German Shepherd Dog, when her owner left for work… 

freya reunites with her owner
Source: @Rumble Viral

The Rumble Viral YT channel posted a heartwarming video of the German Shepherd Dog, Freya, and her owner reuniting after months of being separated. The video soon went viral, and today, it has almost 20 million views.

Freya was extremely happy and joyful when she saw her dad at the door after a long time. She was so ecstatic that she started crying out loud and yelping in pure happiness.

Freya and her owner hugging
Source: @Rumble Viral

Her owner needed to go away for a couple of months to work, so she stayed with a woman who took care of her. 

But, what makes German Shepherds one of the best family dogs in the world is not just their working ethics or their high intelligence, but also their long-term memory!

Freya didn’t forget about her owner even for a second, which surfaced at their reunion when she started wagging her tail and giving him sloppy, warm puppy kisses!

She practically let out a yelp out of happiness. She was so overjoyed that she couldn’t sit still or be in one place. Her tail was wagging the whole time and she was spinning in excited circles as her hooman was petting her.

At one point, she even fell onto him and curled up into his lap with no intention to ever separate again. Freya was finally happy to see her hooman after all those days of being apart!

Freya and her owner cuddle
Source: @Rumble Viral

This heart-melting moment was captured by cameras and it stands as proof that GSDs are all about their owners. Their loyalty never ceases to amaze us, even when they’re coping with severe separation anxiety.

We just hope that Freya won’t ever need to be apart from her dad ever again!