This Dog Proves That Aggressive Behavior Can Be Healed


Countless family dogs are victims of animal abuse, but not all of them have the chance to change their environment. The story of Diesel, fortunately, is not one of them. 

This parti Pit Bull was severely abused by his former owner, causing him to become overly aggressive and unfriendly to any person. When Diesel’s owner’s ex-girlfriend decided to seek help from professionals – he was already on the edge of becoming a lost cause.

She couldn’t go anywhere with him, as he always needed a muzzle, and he would jump at people as soon as they got close to him. But, then she met Craig, and everything was about to change…

pitbull with cops
Source: The Dodo

Craig Fields Knows How To Turn Things Around

man helping a pitbull
Source: The Epoch Times

When the girl contacted Craig, from New York Bully Crew, East Patchogue, NY, she had no idea that his organization was not just an ordinary shelter. Craig, the founder of NYBC, dedicated over a decade to helping abused bully breeds and pulling them from kill shelters.

The organization also hosts dogs from other shelters and fosters them until they get the opportunity to go to a forever home.

When Craig first saw Diesel, the dog wanted to bite him on the head, but fortunately, he was wearing a muzzle. From that moment, Craig knew that something was wrong with Diesel, as he was severely aggressive without a justifiable reason. 

Then, he learned that Diesel was consistently beaten by his former owner, which triggered trauma in this poor Pittie and caused negative behavior.

“He’s a bad dog, but that’s not his fault. He’s a product of his environment,” said Craig.

It Took Him Less Than Two Weeks

man hugging his pitbull
Source: NY Bully Crew

Craig didn’t hesitate about helping Diesel overcome his aggression. He immediately took the dog in and started the recovery process.

Little by little, he started implementing socialization training, showering Diesel with love and empathy. 

“He’s getting better and better every day. Little baby steps, but that’s all we need.”

In just a week of constant and dedicated work, Craig started walking Diesel on a leash without a muzzle. This was a huge step forward, as before he met Craig, it was pretty unreal to imagine Diesel being calm and non-aggressive during walks.

Over the next few days, Craig trained Diesel around other dogs and people in order to make sure that the canine got comfortable in crowded areas. After hours of training, he’d play and cuddle with Diesel, introducing him to toys and ordinary games, such as fetching a ball.

Diesel – The Biggest Love Bug

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Source: The Dodo

Craig’s work with Diesel was proof that no dog is bad by default, but due to the environment. In just a few days of working with this Pittie in the NYBC facility, New York, he successfully turned Diesel into the biggest love bug.

There were no signs of aggression in his behavior anymore, and the dog could finally be trusted around other people.

“With love, time, and patience, any dog can be fixed. No such thing as a broken dog.”

Diesel’s now a good boy looking to spend his days in a loving, nurturing environment. We hope that he’ll never again experience abuse or be neglected, as he deserves only the best of life.