Check Out How Thankful This Pup Is After Being Saved From A 200-Foot Cliff


Safira’s a family dog that lives with her loved ones in Ituporanga, Brazil. She’s a happy canine that gives lots of love and warm kisses to her owners and loves to be around them, which is why her absence was quite concerning to her family.

One day, she simply disappeared, causing panic and concern in her family home. Her owner was looking everywhere for her, but he got no sign of her whatsoever.

After three days of constant searching, Safira’s owner was finally able to locate her. Unfortunately, her location was inaccessible in every way possible…

the dog hangs on the cliff
Source: Santa Catarina (Image: Corpo de Bombeiros/Divulgação)

Safira somehow fell halfway down a 200-foot cliff in Chapadío Trés Barras and got stuck on the side of it. She was approximately one mile away from her home, not being able to escape or to actually move. 

Luckily, she had no severe injuries from the fall, as she was somehow stopped by a leafy ledge about 80 feet down where she remained uninjured. However, she was afraid and traumatized, and the fact that she couldn’t move anywhere was pretty scary, too.

Fortunately, her owner was able to hear her loud barking and locate her, but he didn’t know how to get her out. By then, Safira had spent days without any food and water, and something had to be done immediately.

a man saves a dog
Source: Santa Catarina (Image: Corpo de Bombeiros/Divulgação)

He hesitated, unsure of whether to call the fire department or not, as he wasn’t sure if they would even consider helping her.

Still, between being desperate, risking his pet’s life, and being uncomfortable about choosing help – he chose the latter. And, thank God he did, as the Ituporanga Military Fire Department stepped in to help without hesitation.

Their speed and willingness to help save his beloved dog impressed him deeply. After all, their motto is indeed “when seconds count, count on us”.

Even though it wasn’t an easy rescue, the IMFD team rescued Safira successfully!

“We had to repel down 25 meters (80 feet) to reach her,” said Fernando, one of the firemen. 

The dog was just so happy to see a man approaching her when one of the firemen went down on the rope to rescue her. She even started wagging her little tail.

firefighters rescued the dog from the cliff
Source: Santa Catarina (Image: Corpo de Bombeiros/Divulgação)

As soon as he took her in his arms, she started licking him as a way of saying thank you. 

But, that wasn’t all! When she was finally on safe ground, she started licking everyone! The whole fire department got the nicest Thank you in the world from Safira, which is why they decided to take a picture!

Dogs might not be able to talk, but they sure know how to express their gratitude, and this unfortunate dog is the real proof of it.

This story soon went viral, stunning millions of people! Many people were thrilled to see Safira rescued and safe. Despite being against all odds, the humane actions of people from around the world result in the most beautiful stories!

Fernando also said that was not the first time they had to rescue a dog in Ituporanga, Brazil, “We commend the owner of the dog, who did not give up on getting her back, and called us to make the rescue. We were very happy to be able to help. It is always worth our time.”

Safira’s finally able to get back to her loving family and enjoy her pawesome days to the fullest!