Meet Chevy, The Ohio Pomeranian With A Million-Dollar Smile


Most dogs are often little happy balls of fur, but Chevy is a bit different – he is literally the happiest dog in the world. 

This 10-year-old Pomeranian dog from Kettering, Ohio, took the world by storm with his “million-dollar smile”

There is not a single person on the planet whose mood has not been improved just by looking at this little pooch. He is just always so happy and it’s adorable. 

Chevy Can’t Stop Smiling

Smiling dog

Chevy is a sweet black-and-white Pomeranian dog who just happens to be the happiest dog in the world. And, it’s not just his appearance and that adorable constant smile on his face – his personality matches perfectly as well. 

“We’ve never seen him have a bad day. It just cracks us up,” Chevy’s owner told The Dodo. “Everything’s a celebration. If we go for a walk, he celebrates. If there’s food, he celebrates. He’s always so happy.”

Tina Marcum Denlinger and her husband from Kettering, Ohio, adopted Chevy almost 10 years ago. They had just lost their beloved Golden Retriever, so they wanted to adopt a little companion for their Corgi mix. 

According to their interview with Bored Panda, they found an ad about a “little Pomeranian puppy that was surrounded by a pack of Dachshunds who did not like him at all.” After reading the advertisement, they immediately decided to take the puppy home.

cute dog with clothes

The rest is kind of history, as cliché as it sounds. 

The couple knew Chevy was special from the moment they brought him home. He was just so happy all the time. 

“Everyone just gets a kick out of him because he’s so upbeat,” Denlinger said. 

Chevy definitely helped his pawrents go through some bad days, but he also helped cheer almost every single person he met on the streets. 

His Smile Is Infectious

black and white dog smiling

Chevy’s smile generated a pretty nice following on Instagram, and he even went viral a couple of times. 

There is simply just something about this little dog that makes you feel better and happier. 

“I’ve had different people reach out to me from his Instagram saying that they use his pictures on a daily basis to make them smile,” Chevy’s mom said. 

When asked about Chevy and his personality, his parents also said that he likes to do something they call ‘spin dry’. It’s Chevy’s quirky way of saying that he wants something – he just spins around and goes into a full circle. 

Chevy also likes to go hiking and camping, where he simply enjoys riding in his parent’s golf cart. 

dog smiling in the golf car

“Everyone knows him… He just gets into the cart, and he has a little harness, so he doesn’t fall. And that’s his thing. It’s like he’s in a parade or something. He’s so upbeat,” Denlinger said.

He Never Has A Bad Day 

“He is the most happy-go-lucky guy that we have had the pleasure of owning. He never has a bad day,” Denlinger commented. 

But, many people still wonder is he truly always smiling and happy? 

Well, it seems that smiling comes naturally to Chevy, so he always has a permanent smile on his face. However, when he is cold, hungry, or uncomfortable, his expression slightly changes. 

If that happens, his owners immediately know something is wrong, so they bring out the secret thing that always turns that slight frown into the happiest smile ever – it’s either food or the leash. 

cute dog smiling

Although Chevy is considered a senior dog, you would have never guessed it by his expression. He goes into every day with a great mission, and that is to spread joy and happiness to the world. 

Chevy, you’re indeed a very special doggo, and I can only wish that the rest of your life is filled with constant happiness and joy. Thank you for all the smiles!