Struggling Orphan Puppies Are Reunited With Their Mom


Puppies are very sensitive animals, especially very early on in life when they know very little about the world. 

They need their mom to help them grow, to teach them, and separation can lead to many problems.

In this story, we will talk about two adorable puppies who had lost their mom and were overcome with sadness at the thought of not seeing her again.

Sad And Distressed Pups

close up photo of a woman holding orphaned puppies
Source: Fort Worth Abandoned Animal Alliance

Sometime before the end of 2022, a woman named Madeleine decided to foster two small puppies from Fort Worth Abandoned Animal Alliance (FWAAA), in North Central Texas.

Because they were so small, the woman knew it was better for them to be with her in a home where she can watch them 24/7 rather than in a shelter.

When they were finally taken into foster care, their behavior did not change much. 

The puppies, now named Reeses and Snickers, seemed really depressed without their mom.

orphan puppies lying on a white blanket
Source: Fort Worth Abandoned Animal Alliance

Most of the time, they ate very little food, or refused it altogether. This was really concerning.

Madeleine wasn’t sure what to do about it, but she tried her best, yet nothing helped. They were still very sad and reserved with her.

The Biggest Surprise

puppies in a crate with their mom
Source: Fort Worth Abandoned Animal Alliance

Soon after, it was like a miracle when the president of FWAAA called the woman to let her know they found a dog that they believe is their mom.

She was over the moon. After the wonderful news, she took the puppies to the shelter to see if it was really true.

The black dog saw the puppies, approached them, and just like that, she realized that these were her babies.

At that moment, they were very happy and immediately started jumping on their mom, who was also very excited to see her puppies again.

Their reunion was just the most heartwarming event that happened in the shelter. Everyone in the shelter was so happy for them.

puppies playing with bowl and mom looking at them
Source: Fort Worth Abandoned Animal Alliance

Not long after the quarantine period was over for their mom, all three were taken back to their foster home where they enjoyed their time with Madeleine and other dogs.

It took them a while to get used to living in a house, considering they were stray dogs, but they are accommodating to the new life and just love being with Madeleine. 

Soon enough, it will be their time to find their new family and their forever home, but until then, they can enjoy the wonders of their new life and all that it has to offer.