Bare Stray Puppy Finally Gets A Fuzzy Coat He Always Wanted


It’s not a matter of fashion.

It’s a matter of health! 

Sure, every pooch wants to have a pawtacular coat, luscious, fluffy, and simply boasting with health.

Sadly, not every puppy gets to live that dream.

Not every puppy is blessed with a coat that would protect him from the heat and cold. 

When Prue, from Mission Paws’ible, found this pooch, he was in terrible condition. 

He was pink!

But, don’t think that’s because he’s of a different breed than most pups. 

This bare puppy was suffering in pain, and that pink skin wasn’t the skin he wanted to be in at all!

One Fluffy Coat, Please

bare stray puppy in the corner
Source: The Dodo

He’s shaking to the core. 

He’s curled up in the corner, hiding his eyes from Prue, the rescuer of Mission Paws’ible. 

And, he’s in pain. A lot of pain. 

To be honest, I don’t know whether his physical pain was bigger than his emotional suffering.

You could clearly tell that this poor pooch felt like he had the weight of the world on its shoulders. 

He didn’t want to approach Prue. 

He couldn’t believe a human being wouldn’t mean him harm!

When Prue managed to put a leash on him, the poor creature was fighting with the remains of his strength. His fear was too overwhelming.

Somehow, Prue managed to pick him up and take him home.

Fortunately, there were no visible wounds that needed immediate attention. He just had a terrible case of hair loss and Prue knew exactly how to treat such skin.

The pup, which she named Romeo, was clearly kept in a cage for a long time and managed to escape somehow. A clear sign of such life were his nails that were very overdue on clipping. You can only imagine the amount of pain walking brought to poor Romeo. 

stray puppy sitting on the floor
Source: The Dodo

A bit of touch-up and he was ready to face the world!

Romeo turned out to be such a sweetheart. Prue was absolutely stunned to see that he didn’t have any trauma signs. He was chirpy, bouncy, and super nice around her other dogs. 

Romeo was a little miracle!

Ten days of daily shampoo baths and oiling his skin started to show signs of improvement. Romeo was on a long road to recovery. 

When Prue found out there was a couple visiting her area that was eager to foster Romeo, she decided to give them a chance. Romeo needed more TLC than Prue was able to give him because of her many dogs at home.

Fast forward a few months, and Romeo was a brand-new boy!

He gained weight and started to grow a fresh new coat.

fluffy stray dog after recovery
Source: The Dodo

Romeo finally got his fuzzy coat!

And, guess what?

He got something else, too. 

After getting his coat, the couple decided to take a few photos of Romeo to help him out with his search for a forever home. It didn’t take long for Romeo to find his Juliet.

Well, technically, the said Juliet was actually a man. His name was Tomi and he was the one who gave Romeo his new forever home. 

Romeo, the sweet stray boy that was once pink, now has it all: a fuzzy coat, a loving family, and a future brighter than the sun itself!