Arnold The Weimaraner Beats Anxiety Thanks To His Mini Dachshund Buddy


Dogs are indeed hoomans’ best friends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not capable of building the everlasting bond with their other canine buddies.

In fact, some doggos are proving how great a supportive friend they can be to their four-legged friends struggling with trauma and anxiety.

Arnold, back then, a two-year-old Weimaraner, was coping with severe trauma after being mauled by a much larger German Shepherd, and he didn’t seem to recover soon. But then, a mini Dachie named Frank walked into his life, changing everything for the better!

Coping WIth Trauma Since Childhood

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Source: @arnoldandfrank

According to Carolyn, Arnold’s owner, this sweet-hearted pup lived through major trauma during his early puppyhood. After he had been attacked and mauled by a German Shepherd, he faced extreme anxiety.

Arnold was already slightly anxious, especially when separated from his parents. However, after the attack, he became skittish and insecure around large dogs, and his social skills were minimized.

Frank The Dachie Changed Things For The Better

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Source: @arnoldandfrank

A couple of years ago, Carolyn’s friend was looking for a home for a mini Dachie named Frank, and she immediately decided to adopt him! Frank was around 60 pounds smaller than Arnold, so she figured that having him around might be a brand-new start for her pup!

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Source: @arnoldandfrank

Despite his size, Frank has always been a friendly, confident dog that didn’t mind meeting new people and new doggos. Due to his wonderful personality, he practically became an emotional support dog for his buddy, Arnold!

Step by step, he helped Arnold come out of his shell more, and the two started building a wonderful friendship together!

In a way, Arnold has started looking up to his tiny buddy, and every time Frank would confidently greet other dogs or hoomans – he would be there to join him. With Frank around, Arnold has started learning that not every “hello” or every tug of war leads to getting hurt!

On top of all that, Carolyn signed Arnold up for classes with a certified dog trainer and she couldn’t be more excited about it! 

“We have a very long journey ahead but fingers crossed in 12 months time we will be Grade A students,” she says.

Building Towards Self-Confidence

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Source: @arnoldandfrank

Since then, Arnold has had some ups and downs, but we can say with certainty that he’s building towards a healthy, confident doggo! After Covid, he had a hard time adapting again to his pawrents going back to work, but now – Frank is there to help him through it!

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Source: @arnoldandfrank

With his giant-hearted friend who takes care of him every day and every minute, Arnold has significantly reduced his outbursts, and he seems a lot happier! 

The two have many common activities, such as going to the beach, playing in the back yard, and hanging out with their tiny hoomans, and they just love it! You can tell by the look on their faces that they are indeed the best friends in the world! 

You can keep up with Arnold and Frank on their official Instagram!