Meet 11-Year-Old Dog Whisperer Who Helped More Than 4,000 Dogs Find Their Home


It takes lots of love and, beyond everything, lots of passion to be working with dogs! 

Roman McConn, the sweet boy from Georgia, proves that only a true dog lover can really understand the needs of these sweet furballs. This amazing 11-year-old makes headlines all over the world with his one-of-a-kind approach to the mission of rescuing dogs!

Together with his mom, Roman has helped thousands of doggos find their forever home and he definitely doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon!

Helping Dogs Since 2016

boy holding a dog and smiling
Source: Project Freedom Ride

Before they moved to Georgia, Roman and his family lived in Texas, where he initially fell in love with dogs. In 2016, at the age of four, he and his mom, Jennifer McConn, started a rescue program called Project Freedom Ride, which is currently based in Evans, Georgia. 

The idea behind the program was to help abandoned and unwanted canines from Texas (and later, Georgia) get a family in the Northern U.S. 

little boy and a dog walking on the side of the road
Source: Jennifer McConn

Roman instantly loved the idea of helping poor doggos connect with the people who truly wanted to help them, as he was a little helper himself! 

“Dogs need a family where they will be loved and treated how they deserve. They need space to run around and have fun. I think dogs deserve more than life in a kennel,” says Roman.

Project Freedom Ride Has Helped More Than 4,000 Dogs Find Their Home

woman and a little boy with a dog
Source: Jennifer McConn

Since 2016, Roman and his mom have helped more than 4,000 canines find their ideal family, which is an impressive number! And, to be even more impressive – Roman, himself, played a crucial role in them!

little boy holding a dog named bolt
Source: Project Freedom Ride

He is fully dedicated to his life mission, and he doesn’t plan to slow down, even though the business is not all roses. There are lots of hard moments, especially when working with dogs that need to be put down due to progressive health issues. 

“There was one that I remember really well, but he got put down. His name was Sullivan. He was the sweetest dog and he would stay right by my side every time we would go on walks and would be super gentle when he’d take treats. He was just one of my best friends,” says Roman.

But, even then – he’s dedicated more than ever to help as many doggos as possible find their furever refuge! No dog deserves to be homeless, and Roman knows it!

“Roman To The Rescue”

boy and a dog named friday
Source: Project Freedom Ride

In 2021, Roman got his own TV show, according to The Washington Post. “Roman to the Rescue” is a Disney XD show following Roman’s journey to find homes for adorable canines. 

woman and a boy named roman sitting on a couch with a dog
Source: IMBD

Throughout the two-season show, he teams up with social media influencers and puts his story on display through the next-level adoption videos.

“I think people love dogs so much because they have a friend, they have someone to play with, they have lots of things that with people they can’t have,” says this 11-year-old.

Even though he’s a star now, Roman always puts his four-legged friends in first place – and that’s the only way he knows how!