Rescued Mama Dog Loves Having Her Paw Held While She Takes Care Of Her Babies 


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The most adorable and extremely pregnant dog named Kerry was found hiding underneath a parked car. After being carefully lured out, she was taken to a shelter where she ended up giving birth to 5 of the cutest puppies ever.

As soon as Hearts & Bones Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue organization, heard about this little family, they offered to help.

New Life

cute puppies leaning on mom dog
Source: Hearts & Bones Rescue

When arriving at the Hearts & Bones shelter, the little family didn’t take much time to settle in. Kerry, being finally taken off the streets, couldn’t stop showing appreciation to everyone around.

“Kerry is incredibly resilient and seemed happy to have a safe place to care for her pups,”  

Said Katherine Hieber of Hearts & Bones Rescue.

Apart from loving the new environment, Kerry also loved all the hands who were helping with her pups

Despite being an incredible mom herself, she knew that she was surrounded by incredible people, trusting them completely with her babies.

Even when nursing them, Kerry loves having a hooman around, holding her by her paw!

the dog is lying down, the puppies are nursing it and the man is petting it
Source: Katherine Hieber Via The Dodo

She is extremely affectionate, so if you’re around, she’ll make it known how much she loves being close to you with kisses or a paw shake. Kerry is very trusting and hasn’t been overly protective. She lets us handle her puppies so that we can weigh them and make sure everyone is growing up healthy.  

It is quite obvious that her babies mean a lot to her. Even when she goes outside to do her business, she rushes back to them, not wanting to be away for too long.

I can only imagine how happy she was when she found out she was being rescued.

Now, her babies are growing up in a safe and loving environment and not on the cold and scary street.

a man holds his dog's paw
Source: Katherine Hieber Via The Dodo

Forever Home

puppy leaning on mother
Source: Hearts & Bones Rescue

Being the cutest little family ever, it only took a little time to find them a foster home in New York City, in which they will grow and thrive as a family.

They needed a safe and loving environment to ensure that the little pups grow up to be big and strong, and they got exactly that. As soon as they are ready to go their separate ways, I’m sure that each and every one of them will find a new family who will love them as much as they love each other.