Rescue German Shepherd Girl Shows Her Hidden Talent


Dogs are animals capable of having lots of talents.

We’ve seen them perform magic tricks.

We’ve watched them show off their skills with a ball. 

Sometimes, they’re singers – sometimes they paint with their paws.

And, sometimes, they’re exceptional musicians. 

Some are even blessed with hidden talents, and they play so well that they might be the next Pawzart

When this family first got their rescue GSD girl, they never thought she’d come with special talents that would show up eventually. 

Sadie The Wunderdog

funny german shepherd plays the piano
Source: YouTube

Back in 2009, Sadie, the sweet GSD and Border Collie mix girl, was adopted from a local shelter. 

Soon upon her arrival at her new home, her family figured out they made the right move: adopting Sadie was the best thing they ever did. 

The GSD girl turned out to be such a sweetheart – super friendly and cuddly. And, on top of it all, such an intelligent dog. 

Like any dog owner, Sadie’s mom wanted to try out some tricks. Sadie was always so well-behaving, but she did need to learn a thing or two: 

Such as playing the piano.

Yeah, I’m not kidding at all – Sadie knows how to play the piano. 

Of course, I strongly believe her talent was hidden deep inside her, waiting for the right tutor to come along. Enter Sadie’s hooman mom.

Little by little, mommy and Sadie learned how to play together, and Sadie turned out to be quite a wunderdog. As soon as her paws started gliding across the ivory keys, mommy knew Sadie’s incredible talent was emerging.

Naturally, this had to be shared with the rest of the world. It would be selfish to keep such a talent for yourself and let it go to waste. 

On one occasion, mommy set up a camera and asked Sadie to play for her.

Of course, the talented pooch hopped on the piano stool gracefully and started caressing the keys. 

But, not everything goes as we plan. Sometimes, even wunderdogs make mistakes. 

Sadie hit a few wrong keys and it messed up the pawfect masterpiece she had in her head. Like every genius, Sadie took it too hard and disappointment and frustration had to be shown.

Sadie covered her face with her paws, as if she was embarrassed for her mistakes.

dog plays on the piano
Source: YouTube

After a performance of 20ish seconds, Sadie decided that was enough for the day and she politely took a bow like a professional. 

german shepherd on the piano
Source: YouTube

The show was over, and Sadie left the stage to think about her next career moves.

Ever since the video was first posted back in 2015, Sadie’s incredible talent has been well-known in dog circles, and also in hooman circles! The video has been watched over 3 million times on YouTube, making Sadie quite a superstar.

As a true fan, I’m still hoping she’ll make a piano concert with her own masterpieces. 

What are you waiting for, Sadie? The music industry needs you desperately!