Rescuers Save A Frightened Dog And Cry As She Opens Her Heart To Love


The fact that there are animals who get hurt and abused in the hands of cruel people makes me deeply sad. All dogs expect us to be their protectors, and yet some people are capable of betraying their trust and harming them.

Molly was one of the dogs who lost trust in people after experiencing trauma. Thanks to good people, she managed to discover love and live the life of her dreams.

Here is her story.

Rescuing Molly

woman carresing injured dog
Source: @brady.oliveira

Dog rescuers, Alex Blumberg and Brad Oliveira got a text that there was a dog who had been burned and who needed their help.

The couple immediately rushed to their car and went to rescue her.

A good family took care of the dog until Alex and Brad came to pick her up. When they approached her, she started barking. She became extremely frightened every time their hands would get near her.

The pup didn’t want to be petted, and she didn’t like them touching her.

Brad carried her to their car, promising her that she would get better.

When they brought her to their house, the pup was terrified. She refused to eat. She even started jumping, trying to reach the window, jump out of it, and run away.

Realizing that she couldn’t escape, she calmed down. She looked defeated and her gaze was fixed on the floor. Seeing her so sad broke Brad and Alex’s hearts. They gently stroked her to reassure her that she was safe and loved. 

Gaining Her Trust

a dog licking happy man
Source: The Dodo

This time, the pup didn’t try to avoid being petted. Gradually, she started to trust them. 

The next day, the pup came over to Alex and ran into her arms. She started licking her face and giving her kisses. Alex hugged her and started crying after she witnessed this sudden change.

“Going from never probably having a human hand touch her in a positive way to being safe and just so forgiving and just so accepting of our love.”

The pooch became close to both Alex and Brad. They helped her discover love. With them, she felt safe.

The couple found her a foster mom, and she named her Molly. 

Her Forever Home

dog cuddling with dog outdoor
Source: @brady.oliveira

Soon, Molly found a forever home. Her dad came to pick her up. She stole his heart the moment he saw her. Molly lives her best life and she goes on many adventures with her dad.

We are so happy that Molly found her happiness and a forever dad who makes her the happiest dog in the world.

We wish them many more adventures together. 

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