Scared Dog Held Her Rescuer’s Arm On The Way To The Veterinarian Clinic


And, they dare to say that dogs don’t have emotions!

In fact, dogs are one of the most emotional creatures ever. Just how many times have you heard about dogs crying after being rescued, or offering a sign of affection? 

These sweet creatures are a blessing from above and they shouldn’t be taken for granted, ever. 

Unfortunately, a lot of these kind souls end up on the streets, suffering and feeling like their whole life is running through their paws. Most often, it is slipping like sand through fingers. Not a lot of them have a chance to be rescued and given a proper family. 

This Pittie was facing its end. Imagining a loving family and someone to rescue her was all she could think about. 

Would the rescue ever come? Would anyone offer her a kind word and a helping hand?

Along came Judy and TAO Animal Rescue, from Fort Worth, Texas – Mercy’s rescuer and the woman who changed her life for the better, finally.

Someone Finally Showed Mercy To Mercy, The Pittie

dog laying on the ground
Source: YouTube

Right there, by the side of the road, Mercy was lying hopeless and helpless. When Judy saw her, she didn’t know what to expect. She didn’t know what to do because when she came closer, she was stunned. 

The reason why the dog didn’t come running up to her was because she had a severely injured back. Her hind legs didn’t seem to work, and her spine was awfully-positioned, as if someone hit Mercy with a car.

Judy had to react ASAP. Seeing that the dog was as sweet as she could be, Judy picked her up and carried her to her car. She could see in Mercy’s eyes how thankful she was for being rescued. 

The sweet Pittie looked like she was saying, I was waiting all this time for you, Judy. Thank you. 

When they got into the car, Mercy reached out for Judy’s hand. She wouldn’t let go of it. This poor girl needed support, and she was begging for it from Judy.

dogs paw in owners hand
Source: YouTube

Judy and Mercy held hands for 20 minutes while driving to the vet. 

It wasn’t because Mercy was scared of the ‘V’ word. It was a sign of gratitude that only a pure-hearted dog can express. 

The vet did confirm that Mercy had fractures, but it turned out that they were old. She wasn’t hit by a car recently. Most likely, Mercy was injured a while ago, and then abandoned. Her bones grew together in an odd way, causing her to walk wobbly. 

The only solution the vet offered was a wheelchair.

But, Mercy wasn’t feeling it. The next day, she pulled out a little miracle from her sleeve: 

Mercy started walking a whole lot better!

vet playing with dog
Source: YouTube

She refused that wheelchair very hard, and pushed her limits just so she could walk like a normal dog again. 

It was the miracle nobody expected. 

The new and improved Mercy was now ready to find her forever home. Judy wasn’t able to keep her, but through her friends, she did find her a loving family. 

Before saying goodbye, Judy gave Mercy a present: her pink, stuffed bunny toy. 

brown dog laying down
Source: YouTube

It was the best going-away present ever. Mercy got her safety blanket – something to remember Judy by, and a toy she would never leave alone. Mercy got a new friend! 

And, she got a family, too!

old guy holding dog for ears
Source: YouTube

Mark and Sharon Williams became Mercy’s new pawrents and they couldn’t be happier with the dog they got. Mercy showed her gentle side from the moment she entered her new home. Everyone fell in love with this sweet girl! 

Mercy wasn’t just a stray found in the Fort Worth area anymore. She was now a part of the family.

And, guess what? Her stuffed bunny is still right next to her. Although it’s a little wonky after many years of good use, Mercy still snuggles up with her bunny. She takes it in her mouth, jumps on the couch, and calms herself. 

The bunny serves as a pacifier now. 

Besides nibbling on her favorite pink toy, Mercy loves spending her days outside, asking her hoomans to throw a ball to her. She absolutely loves it! 

Mercy never forgot her rescuer, Judy. She even comes to visit her miracle Pittie. 

If it wasn’t for Judy, Mark and Sharon wouldn’t have a life blessed with a dog like Mercy.

If it wasn’t for Judy, Mercy would have found her end right on that side of the road.

And, if it wasn’t for Mercy, we wouldn’t know how much gratefulness, kindness, and joy a rescue stray hides inside her.