A Dog Abandoned In A Landfill Is Happy To See His Friend Again After Being Rescued


All pups are equally deserving of our infinite love and affection. Our furry friends believe that they’re safe with us, and they trust us unconditionally. 

I’m heartbroken to learn that some heartless and ungrateful dog owners abandon their precious and loyal pups and betray their trust.

They dump them at deserted and dangerous places without caring whether they survive or not. While the abandoned pooches wait for their family to come back for them, they start losing trust in all humans. 

Rosco, a tiny black pup, was convinced that his owners would return for him and take him home. He had been waiting for too long.

Will he ever trust people again? Will he ever feel truly loved?

Alone At A Landfill 

black dog standing next to a recycling sign
Source: Sheryl Harnes Doeckel

Rosco was abandoned at Bena Landfill, in Bakersfield, California. He lived there without shelter for almost a year, doing his best to survive. Strangers who noticed him felt sorry for him, and they tried to rescue him.

Having been betrayed by people before, the pup became distrustful and successfully avoided being caught. Worried strangers often fed him and made sure the pup was fine.

In April 2023, California rescue groups, Bakersfield Strays, and R.A.D. Rescue heard about the resilient dog who was in need of help and were determined to rescue him. 

Having come to the landfill, they set a humane trap. They patiently waited for Rosco to enter it. The pup was curious about the trap, but he was too careful to approach it. 

Rescued At Last

a photo of a tiny black puppy
Source: Sheryl Harnes Doeckel

After a couple of days, Rosco finally went into the trap. The rescuers were happy that he was saved. 

Knowing that the pup was very distrustful and shy, they expected him to be shut down, but the opposite happened. 

As soon as the rescuers began talking to him, Rosco was convinced that they were good humans that he could trust. The pup was extremely kind and grateful for being saved.

“Despite his rough exterior and shyness, the rescuers found him sweet and affectionate,” a Bakersfield Strays representative said.

abandoned puppy walking alone
Source: Sheryl Harnes Doeckel

Rosco was brought to R.A.D. Rescue, in Bakersfield, and he felt comfortable and overjoyed to have a roof over his head. His caregivers gave him a lot of love. 

While the little pup was enjoying the comfort of the rescue, the R.A.D. rescuers were trying to find him a home. 

After a Facebook post attracted their attention, they paused the search for the pup’s forever family. In her post, a woman wrote that her dad, Derrick, had been feeding a pup at the landfill every day for almost a year. 

He got very attached to him and tried hard to win him over and rescue him.

After being unable to find his little friend at the landfill, he was heartbroken. Being desperate to find him, he looked for him in shelters, but he couldn’t find him. 

He thought that he would never see him again. 

As soon as the volunteers saw the photo of the pup attached to the Facebook post, they recognized Rosco! 

They immediately contacted Derrick’s family, and told them that the dog had been rescued. His family was overjoyed because they knew that the pup meant so much to Derrick.

An Emotional Reunion

man hugging a tiny puppy while sitting on the floor
Source: Bakersfield Strays

The day of their reunion came. As soon as Rosco saw Derrick, he ran into his outstretched arms and Derrick hugged him. Derrick tenderly pressed the pup’s face close to his. Both were over the moon to be together. 

“The moment was unforgettable. Rosco immediately recognized Derrick! Derrick was overjoyed to finally meet the little dog he had been trying to save for so long. He knew that Rosco was meant to be his companion,” the Bakersfield Strays representative said. 

Rosco never forgot Derrick’s kindness while he was at the landfill. At that time, he was too shy and hurt to approach him. 

man holding a tiny puppy named rosco
Source: Sheryl Harnes Doeckel

Now, Rosco was ready to start a new life in his forever home. Thanks to his dad, he discovered the true meaning of love. He will be loved and cherished forever.

Whenever we notice an abandoned pet, we should always contact local shelters and rescues. Abandoned dogs wait at the place where they were left, and they don’t know how to ask for help. It’s our responsibility to help the defenseless animals and get them to safety.