Rescuers Found This Starving Dog Hiding Under A Car Only Waiting For Help


While stray dogs live on the streets, they try to survive by searching for scraps of food and a shelter to keep them warm. What they wish with their whole heart is to be finally noticed by humans who ignore them day after day.

Despite constantly being passed by, they keep on fighting for their survival and hoping that someday, a kind stranger will finally notice them and give them a chance to experience life in a loving home.

The following story is about Avalanche, one of the stray pups who went unnoticed by people while he lived on the streets, trying to fend for himself. Without having anywhere else to go, he hid under a car, trying to keep warm.

Will somebody finally bring him to safety? Will he get the opportunity to turn his life around and find his happiness?

Good People Come To His Rescue

portrait of a dog under a car
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

As soon as Donna Lochmann, an experienced rescuer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, got a call about a pup who had been hiding under a car in a St. Louis neighborhood, she immediately went there.

Upon arriving at the scene, she started checking a few cars, trying to find the stray dog. When she heard loud growling coming from a nearby van, she realized that was the pooch she had been looking for.

When she saw the dog for the first time, she was moved by the defeated look in his eyes. He had open sores on his body.

She knew that the loud growling was his way of protecting himself. He felt frightened and his eyes were pleading for help. 

Gaining The Pup’s Trust

a starving dog eats under a car
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Wishing to win his trust, she began feeding him with sausages. The underweight Pit Bull gulped down the sausages right away. 

When the rescuer saw the dog wagging his tail, she was heartbroken. Despite the terrible condition he was in, he was letting her know how excited and appreciative he was. 

Lochmann started throwing sausages further from the pup and he crawled out of his hiding place and walked towards Lochmann. He was still afraid, but he continued wagging his tail.

portrait of a starving dog sitting on the street
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

When the dog, who was later named Avalanche, approached Lochmann, she secured him with a leash. Although Avalanche was relieved and glad because he was rescued at last, he hesitated to enter Lochmann’s Jeep.

Lochmann threw more sausages, making a trail towards her car.

“He just followed that little trail of sausages. And then he let me pick up and put him in the Jeep,” Lochmann said.

Taking Him To The Vet

a beautiful dog with a purple leash
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

The rescuer was happy that Avalanche was finally with her and she immediately drove him to the vet.

Since he was extremely underweight, the vet put him on a special refeeding diet. 

Avalanche was also put on antibiotics because of the deep sores he had. The vet assumed that he got them from sitting on concrete for a long time.

The pup spent a couple of days at the veterinary clinic, and he stole the hearts of his caregivers. They doted on him and gave him the care he needed.

Soon, it was time for him to leave the St. Louis shelter and go to a foster home. His caregivers knew they would miss him, but they were happy that he would enjoy spending the holidays in a wonderful home filled with love.

Finding The Home He Dreamed Of Having

portrait of a dog next to a Christmas tree with a cap on its head
Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

His foster mom took excellent care of him, giving him all the love and cuddles he lacked while he lived alone on the streets. His health began improving and he got along with everyone he met. 

Although Lochmann was aware that Avalanche still needed more time to make a complete recovery, she was glad to see the spark in his eyes.

“You can just see the difference in his eyes. There’s more life to his eyes now than when we first got him. He doesn’t have that defeated look anymore,” Lochmann said.

portrait of dogs sitting in the kitchen and looking at the camera
Source: Zach Gruber

After he fully recovered, Avalanche found his forever home. His parents fell in love with him and they absolutely adore him. 

“He fits in like a gem! My wife Catherine Wern-Gruber and I are in love,” Avalanche’s dad wrote on Facebook. 

Avalanche loves snuggling with his parents and hanging out with his dog siblings. The doggo found the happiness that he deserved, and he cannot stop smiling. 

We are grateful to the person who reached out to the rescue, telling them about Avalanche’s situation. Thanks to them and Stray Rescue of St. Louis, the sweet canine escaped his lonely life on the streets and found his forever home.