Rescuer Was Shocked When He Saw A Missing Dog On The Road So He Went To Help Him 


When a dog lover sees a post about a missing dog, they can’t help but sympathize with the owner and wonder where that dog might be.

A rescuer by the name of Rian Feldman was one of those people.

After seeing a poster about Scout, a very beloved local dog who went missing, Rian just couldn’t get the sweet pupper out of her mind.    

A Very Familiar Face

missing dog poster on a tree
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One foggy day, Rian and her friend, Scooter Belasco, were driving on a New Jersey highway, discussing the disappearance of lovely Scout that happened a few days prior.

As they were going on with their conversation, all of a sudden, they noticed someone familiar running out on the street.

“At that very moment, she ran out of the woods into the street in front of our car. We both gasped and realized at the exact same moment … Scooter slammed on the breaks, and we game-planned right there. There was no time to think, because she had been missing for three days and we knew we weren’t leaving without her,” said Rian.

man stopped the car to save a dog
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Since Rian and Scooter run Uncle Neil’s Home animal sanctuary, in New Jersey, they were more than ready to jump out of the car and bring Scout back to her home where she belonged.

Unfortunately, catching her was no easy task.

Trying to catch her was stressful. Her family was frantic and had no idea where she was. She ran from us at first, and I chased after her as fast as I could, while Scooter tailed me in the car. We eventually caught up to her and made sure to crouch low so she felt comfortable approaching us.

Eventually, Scout did approach them close enough for Scooter to grab her by her collar and bring her safely into their car.

man saving dog on a highway
Source: @uncleneilshome

Scooter picked her up and put her in our back seat. As soon as we shut the door, a huge weight lifted from our chests.

Once Scout was in the car, it was as if a feeling of relief washed over her. She started to relax and even smile, knowing that she was in safe hands and on the way home.

dog sitting in the car
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She smiled, she looked out the window during the ride, and we were cheering her on and telling her that she was on her way home. We passed her ‘lost dog’ signs, and I remember feeling so relieved that those signs could finally come down.

Back Home

Rian was extremely happy when she saw the joy the family felt when they reconnected with their beloved Scout.

dog laying sadly on the floor
Source: @uncleneilshome

It was an incredible moment to witness. Rian could finally rest, knowing that Scout is no longer lost and all alone, but was back home with her family where she belonged.

Scout’s family was ecstatic, so relieved. They hugged us and thanked us … They said that their entire year had been made now that Scout was back home.

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